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    Indian populace is omnipresent from South Sudan to America!

    In the view, Russia, and Ukraine war that there are numerous Indian college students and households are dwelling in Ukraine because the Indian public and national governments and the those who are dwelling are involved approximately their lives as Ukraine is a completely small and with the little bit better than India in the financial scenario as Indian populace is dwelling there too because it appears that Indian populace is omnipresent regardless to the financial fame of the country. It is a myth that wherein ever the Indian populace is wherein the improvement is there.
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    India is a highly populated country about 130 crores at the present juncture. We cannot provide jobs to so many people. Even if we provide the remuneration will be very low like we are paying to maid servants and car cleaner.
    So it was imperative that many Indians went to foreign countries in search of jobs and whenever they get better opportunity than India they stayed there for a long time and sometimes were granted citizenship of that country and they in fact settled there itself having a better condition with respect to India if they had not gone out. That is the reason why there is a signature of Indian population everywhere outside from Africa to America.
    For example presently there is a need of truck drivers in Canada. So people who can tolerate the cold climate of Canada and can take up this job are going there.

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    It is the fact Indians adjust with any country or environment no matter it is small or not that well known. What the Indians need is to study and earn thereafter and having a foreign degree is the long lasting dream and Ukraine seems to offer the best. In fact the world countries feel pleasure and have the acceptance to host our country citizens, as we are not only good at studies, behavior and thereafter work in their own country contributing to their nation. If the place is conducive for good studies and better future, Indians wont mind to settle there, but at this juncture their life is in peril and the central govt is making all arrangements to air lift them by transporting to neighbor countries and then evacuate the returnees. One thing is sure, India has been watched for more reason in this war torn phase.
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    That is very true. Our population is very high and there are no opportunities here for all the people to survive and some Indians intentionally go to foreign countries to earn more and have a luxurious life.
    There was a joke during my high school days that when Armstrong landed on the Moon, an Indian came to him with a cup and a tea flask in his hand and offered tea for a price to him. This is to say that Indians will never hesitate to go anywhere and every nook and corner of the world. Many Indians go abroad for studies and start earning with small jobs on a part-time basis also and slowly settle there and get into good jobs. We see a good percentage of Indians in developed countries and some percentage of people in other countries also.
    Because of this nature of our population, any problem anywhere in the world our country will have some problem.

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