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    Team effort in establishments results in good productivity. Is it right or wrong?

    Nowadays, multinational companies put the employers under the team leaders and form a group.In this way some people fell the outcome will be good because the opinion of the other staff under the leader is also taken into consideration. However, as per some other people,those staff who are much experienced should be allowed to work independently.please share your views.
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    Teamwork is the only way we can work with our peers to bring real information and abstract ideas to life. Processes are established in such a way that everyone is convinced, heard, and understood. Otherwise, you will not understand how to speed up the work, this is where the lack of skills plays a huge role in group mobility. When a colleague becomes hegemonic, this force influences others in the group to gain skill. But the importance of leadership must be kept in mind to make group support a success.
    Strong leadership provides the team with a container to work at full speed. Proper management delivers boundaries of work between individuals and creates a structure that expresses the sustainability of collaboration and ownership. So in every fields group support only make efficient productivity along with proper leadership support.

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    For that team work in all matters would bring quality results and the work would be smooth without delay. For example when sowing seeds the labors are engaged and they sing song and do the work and would not even feel the scorching sun or other vagaries of nature. Like wise in construction business when the bricks has to be taken to upper floor, single labors cannot do the same but if the same is passed to the labors standing at length and the work would be fast and not straining. Same way team work in the office and factory would give great productivity. In factories the line of activity is divided and each one does part of it and in the end the finished product comes out and that would be satisfying. One thing is sure team work among the learned people can give best results and not with those who are new.
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    Teamwork is good when there is a need for differently skilled personnel to work on the project. Teamwork will definitely help in almost all the cases. But the number of members in the team and their specializations and experience makes some difference. When the members in a team are very high the output may not be in the same proportion. Sometimes we hear that too many cooks will spoil the dish.
    The success of a team mainly depends on the leader of the team. A team leader should be good at man-management. He should be able to lead the team members properly and mentor them in such a way that all of them will give their best output. There should be a good understanding between the team members so that they can work in cooperation and see that the work will progress in the desired direction.

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    Teamwork is a very important point in any organisation. When we say teamwork then we precisely mean that some people should work together for the common objective of that team or for the organisation under which the team is working. Everyone who is a member of the team may not be expert or extraordinarily intelligent but it is the job of team leader to squeeze out maximum from each individual member of the team and align all that in the direction of the goal. A good team with a good team leader can do miracles for an organisation. Individual level working is limited to few dimensions only and there are all possibilities that errors and omissions might enter in the work of an individual and that is the reason as why many companies and organisations insist on team working rather than individual working.
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