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    Is posting photographs of yourselves on social networking sites a good thing to do?

    Some people post pictures of themselves on Face book,Twitter and other social networking sites because they want appreciation and positive replies and many likes. Do you think it is safe to do this? There are many instances when criminals operating on these sites under disguise misuse these pictures and cyber police is called upon to help them track and punish the offenders. What is your opinion?
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    There has been huge warnings in the social media not to reveal the original photos of the persons because they are likely to be downloaded. morphed and misused. Most of the upcoming actress who were exited in getting their first offers shared their photos only be horrified to find their images used for other purpose. Even those college girls who share their college events, selfies are risking to danger as there are bad people on internet looking for such faces to use for their when end. There are instances when the marriage is fixed and the alliance was turned down because the bride photos were appeared on internet with bad postures not loaded by her but morphed. Such happenings are very disturbing to the parents and they cannot digest the fact that their daughter is blamed for no fault of her and cannot be corrected.
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    There are many instances where the photos posted on social media are misused by some people. That is why it is not advisable to post photos on social media as far as possible. But we see many photos on social media. People of all ages are showing interest in posting their photographs on social media.
    Cybercrimes are increasing and misuse of photos also are increasing. So I always advise people especially young girls, not to post their original photos on these media. Some people may use these photos for other purposes. We see many members using the photos of celebrities as their DPs on face book. One should not divulge their identity on social media. That is always good for our safety and security.

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    Social media sites claim that their sites are safe and secure and the user can upload anything there and they will take full care of that data that it doesn't get taken out by the unscrupulous elements or hackers in the internet. That is a tall claim made by all the social media sites in the internet. The realty in this matter is that though to some extent these sites will be safe and secure but we must remember that hackers are ahead of the technologist and scientists who are designing these sites and coding the programs for operating them and hence any data can leak out or can be transferred out of these sites by the expert hackers. So whoever is uploading the personal data, personal pictures, personal details in these sites is totally doing it from his own risk perception and knowledge about these things. All the internet fun, frolic, and pleasures are having these underlying risks.
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    Nowadays social networking sites become part of our daily life. We share our all events and memories on social networking sites. But sometimes we face trouble due to uploading any photographs on these sites. we always hear that few persons edit photos through photo editing software and use it for criminal activities

    If you are sharing your pics on these sites then you should knowledge about how to protect your profiles, personal data from the hacker and criminal

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    There is nothing bad in posting images unless others misuse them. Some precautions should be taken according to the guidelines of the respective sites and as a user, you cannot do much. We must take all kinds of safety measures while posting things online and it is better to set our own limits. People love others' appreciation and that's why social networking platforms are so popular. Nowadays, it's quite easy to duplicate things with the help of technologies and criminals are apprehended for such crimes. All users should be aware of the functionalities and warnings associated with the platforms and must abide by them.

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