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    Why do some onlookers witnessing road accidents shy away from helping the victims?

    Road mishaps happen frequently nowadays and victims lie in a pool of blood on the roads. Some people rush out for helping the victims and call the police or ambulance while some even personally rush them to the nearest hospitals. However, some just watch others helping the victims and remain silent spectators. I am highly saddened when I watch videos of victims crying for help on the road. Why do some people take videos and post them on the internet? Why people do not help a victims of accidents? Please discuss.
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    That is very unfortunate. People take videos and keep them on social media and say who is at fault and all that. But they never think of helping the injured person. That is the humanity in human beings. Earlier days when there was an accident private hospitals were not treating the injured persons and they were to go to government hospitals only and police used to book a case. But these days that problem is also not there. Any hospital will admit them and treat them. We have to see that they will reach that place at the earliest. But many people will never do that thinking that police may catch them ask them questions and they have to make rounds to the police station. That type of thinking is stopping the people to go for helping such people. But that is not correct thinking.
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    It is really an unfortunate development that there are many onlookers witnessing the road accidents but they won't come forward for help for the victims such as their hospitalisation, standing in favour of the victims being their witness. It is because that they understand that it is a long journey to provide them justice and also every time being a witness, they have to attend the court on being summoned. This would prove a hectic period for them when leaving their routine jobs aside, they will have to rush to court wasting their own time apart from facing the police harassment. In the long, they get nothing but a lot of ordeals being witness of such cases. Naturally they feel shy to be witness though it is necessary to expose the truth.

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    Good question asked by the author. But there are some valid reasons for the people who wants to help but remain silent onlookers at the accident site as when they take the person to hospital, the admission is not accepted immediately and accident cases need to be registered with concerned police. Now here comes the main problem. People do not know the police station limits and in highways it is further more difficult to identify the police station. And all these are time consuming and the accident person may even lose the life and that responsibility falls on the person helping. Keeping in view this hopeless situation, it is better to call for 108 ambulance service and they would attend the accident victim immediately. Not that people are so lethargic, our govt rules are not permitting the sincere helpers in this regard.
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    Whenever an accident happens on the highways or any other place the first thing is to take the affected person to the hospital and the next important thing is to register a police case. The big question is who is supposed to do it. What we need is that we have to make changes in our governance in a very radical way so that when the onlooker informs to the police about the accident on the emergency number then police should reach the place immediately and then register the case there itself and take the persons to hospital. The onlooker need not to stay at that place because his work is over and police should not call him for any witness or anything like that. If we can make our governance and working system like that then only there's a point in thinking that we are really helping the accident victims. Otherwise onlookers will observe and leave the place. Maximum the onlookers can do is take the persons to nearest hospital and then a team of police should also reach the hospital to relieve the onlookers. Can we do it?
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    Police harassment and hospitals refusing to take in accident victims are all old stories. Based on a ruling by the Supreme Court, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways have notified certain rules for the protection of those who help accident victims. It includes provisions that prevent a police officer from forcing a person to reveal his name or address or to be a witness to the accident. It also specifies that no hospital, government or private, will refuse to attend to an accident victim who has been brought in. They cannot insist on an FIR. There are certain other guidelines also that are to be followed by individuals and law enforcement bodies. A new section, 134A, has been inserted in the Motor Vehicles Act vide The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019 which clearly states that a Good Samaritan (a person who helps an accident victim in any way he can) will not be liable for any civil or criminal action in case of any injury to or death of the accident victim.

    So, it is not because of the fear of law or the likelihood of being summoned as a witness that dissuades people from helping accident victims. It is because they don't want to spare some time to save a life. They don't want to get involved in any manner. It is not my job or it is not my headache is the general attitude. The jokers who take videos of such scenes should be punished for inhuman behaviour.

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