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    Is it easy to become a politician?

    Do you think it is a cakewalk to become a politician? Is it just about joining an existing political party or does it require something more?

    There are many people who have good communication skills and leadership qualities. If they have an interest they can make or try to make a career in the political arena. Though there is a lot of competition in this area still one can try to align with a political party and then if he gets a party nomination for fighting an election and is lucky then he can definitely become a Minister or a political leader in our country. Today the job condition is very bad and highly qualified people are roaming here and there. In such a situation it makes sense to try a career in the political line by joining a political party and doing some grassroots work for the initial few years and then rising in the party slowly upward. Some people say that there is already a scramble for these positions and so many people are standing in a beeline. What is your opinion about this matter? Is it easy to become a politician? Please share your thoughts and views on this.
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    Any person who wants to become a politician should join with an existing politician of the local area and move with him and get in touch with all the people in that party and slowly should get introduced to higher personalities in that field. We require a lot of managing skills and we should be able to spend some money initially. So as we become confidential to the local leader, he will recommend for some posts at least in the village level or Mandal level and then district level.

    If you are a celebrity or have some fame or name in some field there may be a chance for lateral entry. But it all depends on the interest you have and your oratory skills. I have seen many young people entering politics but could.t go beyond village ward membership. In any field, only people with special skills and management abilities will shine more than others in the same field.

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    Nowadays we have many issues to arise on public platforms such as unemployment, corruption, crimes, etc but due to lack of awareness, we have no right solution.

    We see that some people are interested to fight against corruption. But after a long struggle, they lose their temper. Few good Politicians try to solve these types of activities. It is not easy to become a good politician if you have no proper target to achieve.

    We generally see that many youths are interested to join any regional and notion parties with new energy but after becoming a politician they change their motive.

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    After reading this post my thoughts went to yesterday's program held at our colony wherein the left over govt land was handed over to our colony for welfare measures and that handing over ceremony was held on grand scale and right from the morning the party workers and local leaders were making all arrangements and the MLA came at afternoon , gave some speech and handed over the letter to our colony president and then went away. Here what I am stressing that those who want to be in politics should impress the present MLA as to how they can spend, how they can manage the events and how many people could be mobilized for the event and that would be the evaluation process while deciding the tickets for the local body elections as each MLA would have 8 seats as his selection candidates for sure.
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    What I gather from the feedbacks received against this thread is that becoming a politician or leader is not an easy job as it requires a lot of hard work, groundwork, concentration, focus, and various other positive attributes.
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    Nowadays, honest people hardly join politics though I wouldn't say every politician is dishonest. The thing is the reason for someone to join politics. If someone takes politics as a career option then one has to be quite serious and look for some guidance from seasoned politicians. If one is looking for quick gains, as with any other leaders, then the competition is quite tough as many more are already trying the same thing. There is an interesting observation of the author regarding the job scenario and thinking politics as the option and I think some politicians try to motivate youths somehow to take them in their fold by giving them small perks. Whatever may be the case, nothing seems to be easy and one has to toil for some time to get noticed in politics also.

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    It is, in fact, easy to become a politician. Anyone can become a politician by joining some political party and following the dictums of their leadership. But it is not easy to become a political leader. Politicians are generally people working for a political party and they seek to become leaders at some level by obtaining positions, elected or otherwise. Political leaders are those who make it to the top level and get hold of a commanding position within the party and also top the list of members who are likely to stand for elections, at some level, and get elected.

    Becoming a political leader involves many factors including intelligence, shrewdness, man-management, rhetorics, the art of playing with words, the art of making illogical things sound logical, the art of creating and spreading rumours about the opposition parties, the art of making false statements and make them appear to be true, the art of creating such situations which will ensure that they have a fixed number of strong followers who will stick to them and so on. To be frank, I think, politics is a field that has the lowest regard for morals, values, and ethics.

    Much more can be written, but to cut it short, let me quote dialogue from a Malayalam movie, 'Politics is a dirty game.'

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