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    Rejecting article without proper analysis of the subject

    My article about nanoparticles are sent to pending for the second time in indiastudychannel. The comments from editors says that i copied the text from other sites. The article, I submitted is my own project work which i didnt published anywhere, then how can the editors says that it appears in another sites. There are works related to the same topic has seen on other sites that doesn't mean that it is copied. These are research related topics. If the editors don't have knowledge about the subject, they should clearly tell through comments about it other than giving false reasons.
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    Rakhi Krishna, there are some software applications which can detect the plagiarism in any text very easily. It is unlikely that two pieces of the text will match exactly in the internet if it is not copied. The editors in ISC are well experienced in all these matters and we all follow their advices time to time.
    Please note that whatever you want to publish should be in your own words and of course in your own style which is a characteristic of a particular author.
    I have recently visited a site where about 30 people have written a review cum synopsis of a famous book but no two write ups are matching and now I am supposed to submit my write up there. All those reviews are useless for me as I can only read them to learn how to write it and as regards my contribution, I have to write in my words.

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    Rakhi Krishna, you are the very new member and in fact your presence is just 10 days and you not set the foot properly in this site and without knowing the posting guidelines and rules, it is not proper to pass criticism of articles approval. I do agree that earning would be the main target for new members, but that should start with right earnest, having firm grip over writing, not using the spam sources, and above all the heading, introduction, subject and conclusion should properly sync so that articles would be approved. I would advice please be with forum for few days, interact with the various threads being hoisted, and you will surely get the idea of how to write better contents and that valid experience would take you to resources section for churning our great articles without rejections and surely be approved. So take this advice.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I would like to tell those old members who commented above, that my intention of creating a profile on this site is not for earning profit, I want a platform just to express my thoughts. I know I am a new member , but that doesn't mean that I didn't follow the guidelines of posting articles. As I mentioned above, my article I submitted is a research related topic (not a general subject to put our own point of views), which is a synopsis of my own project work. There are so many works has been done and published in different sites about the same topic. In research field, we have to review those works before conducting an experiment , there are strict protocols to follow for each procedure, we can't alter it by our own terms. So, when we write things about such topics, we have to follow the same procedure, may be because of that the editors commented the text is copied or plagiarized. I don't want them to publish it if they don't get the idea of my particular subject. I can clearly understand that. I took so much of effort for submitting this work and got so many credits for it before, so i thought it will help others to gain an idea about emerging fields when i publish it on a site. As someone mentioned above, I am a new member and not have creative writing skills like any of you, but i will take your advice seriously before posting on this site.

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    Do not get agitated, have the courage to sail along with this site rules. I know you are rearing to go and create writing good articles but surely our editors would sincerely advice you to go step by step and the reason for rejection would also made known.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Rakhi Krishna,

    "If the editors don't have knowledge about the subject, they should clearly tell through comments about it other than giving false reasons."
    - Well, of course, editors do not have knowledge of all topics under the sun. In fact, nobody does have vast knowledge or expertise on just about everything, isn't it? False reasons? Really, now! That's an unwarranted and uncalled-for remark. If an editor finds some parts of the text appearing word for word elsewhere, it is correct to follow the editing guidelines as given by the administrators of the site, and give the reason for shifting it to pending as copied content. That is a valid reason, not a false one.

    An example of the copied content-
    Just have a look at the text in the Abstract that appears here-
    Now, look at the concluding paragraph of your article. What do you see?

    You may have done research on the topic, presented it as your project work, and got credits for it. Here, though, on an online platform, if you are going to present an article with text that is appearing elsewhere, it is unacceptable. We do not want the ISC admin. to receive a legal notice from that portal or the researchers about copyright infringement. Similarly, editors have found some sentences in your article at other sites.

    See, it is not about creative writing skills. We understand your eagerness to share knowledge and that is what ISC would like to do, namely, help others learn something new and informative. We do give leeway in allowing members to gather information from various sources, but putting that same information by literally taking the exact same words is not permitted.

    Mind you, since you are a new member, the article was not rejected outright. Instead, you have been given the opportunity to make the necessary rectifications. Now it is up to you if you wish to follow the instructions or have it deleted. Hope you take it positively in the right spirit and redraft the article.

    Don't get frustrated and angry, please. Just let us know if you require further guidance.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    I remember that same thing happened in past also albeit a few times only. Then also the related author was cautioned about the similarity of his article with the content elsewhere and the author rewrote it and it was published. Not only in article section but in some other sections also it had happened and authors were asked to change it and they complied and the problem was resolved. Please consider the suggestions in that spirit and you will find your article published in a reputed site and that itself is an award.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Rakhi Krishna
    If you think that your articles are free from copycat content then you can use online plagiarism checkers such as Plagiarism Detector, etc through the internet. As my experience, our editors never give any invalid or false reasons to reject or pending any articles

    Phagu Mahato
    Success occurs when opportunity and preparation meet.

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    All the editors of the site should follow the guidelines given by the administration. So they will go by the book and give a chance to the member to relook and rewrite the articles following the instructions given by the Editor and submit. It is in the interest of the member-only they are doing this. Otherwise, they can reject it straight away. Members should understand the issue and correct it accordingly and resubmit. Please do that. Once you do it the editor will go through it and will take due action.
    always confident

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