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    Are private flying institutes reliable?

    Do you think it is wise to join a private flying training institute to become a pilot? Share your views on the reliability of these institutes.

    In Hyderabad, we have many private aircraft training institutes which offer flying training to cadets seeking to become pilots in the future. The training would start with simulators first and then with the real aircraft hovering over Hyderabad. During the training, the candidates are taught all the parameters and safety issues so that in case of emergencies the pilot can bail out with a parachute. But recently an accident occurred when the private trainee aircraft lost control and dashed on the ground killing the young pilot instantly. Now, who is responsible for her death, the institute for not giving proper training, or the candidate for not understanding the whole lesson?
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    To start a private pilot training institute, a licence from the Office of the Director-General of Civil Aviation. The requirements for applying are given in Civil Aviation requirements, Section 7, Series 'D' Part 1. They have to fulfil all the requirements including all the safety requirements to be implemented in their institute.
    There will be guidelines that they have to follow. They have to have approved procedures for training the students. Generally, there will be an undertaking to be given by the candidate while getting admitted in the training that he will follow all the rules and regulations and in case of an accident the company will not be held responsible. There will be some insurance also taken on the names of all the people involved and the insurance amount will come to the family of the deceased. There will be an enquiry by the DGCA after the accident and if they find any faults with the institute they may impose fines and also they may cancel the licence also.

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    Generally the training institutes will be giving best of class training as they are approved by DGCA. In some cases the aircraft used might be quite old and fail in the sky while flying and accidents happen. Sometimes even in a new aircraft some technical fault might crop up at any time and freak accidents could happen. The institutes will never like that accidents should happen as it affects their reputation and consequently the earning potential. In the aviation industry most of the accidents are due to technical failures though at times it is due to the human mistakes and errors also. This is an industry where top class maintenance is a pre-requisite and any failure in that work would lead to disastrous consequences. Repair and maintenance of aircrafts is a niche area where highly qualified engineers work and a small mistake by them can cause a threat to so many passengers in mid air. Private flying institutes are taking huge fees and it is imperative that they should keep the high standards of training.
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