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    Why crimes are committed intentionally when consequences are well known?

    What could be the reason for somebody doing a criminal act knowing full well the consequences? Share your views on this interesting query.

    There are many criminals who undertake illegal and criminal activities from time to time very well knowing the consequences if they are caught. They have a good knowledge of the legal system also and generally, they have a list of leading lawyers who can help them in dealing with their case in case they are caught. With that confidence they go on doing criminal activities until they are caught with solid evidences and no one can help them and they get the punishment. Aren't they afraid of the punishments when they fully know that they would be booked for the misdeeds if they were caught? What do you think about these criminals? Why do they keep on committing crimes well knowing that they would be caught and punished at some point in time? Please share your views.

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    The main reason I feel the loopholes in the legal procedures in our country is finding out and fixing the culprit and then taking action on the culprit. The time that is being taken by the whole procedure and the delays in the courts are the main reason again. After committing the crime, the person may be arrested but may be released on bail. Then police will take a lot of time in finding and submitting the reports to the court and then the procedures in the court.
    Another reason is hunger. Many people because of their poverty and due to the non-availability of ways and means to earn food for themselves and for their families, may become criminals. Another important reason is the brought of the kids in the family and the nature of parents and grandparents in the house may also have a big impact on this.

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    There are two sets of peoples for the crime. First being the unknown people who are not introduced to the crime previously but have been induced and included in the gang and thus made as the party to crime. And second set are those people who are well organized to commit crime as they know the loop holes of laws, how to get out, and how to be move clean in the society in spite of having hoisted cases by the police. Even the law says that those who are first time crime doers, they need not be punished harsh and would be released sooner or later, but the second set of people are very dangerous and they would manage the law, the court, the police and above all the come across new ways of crimes because at the jail they become more famous and hatching new plans also begins ther after knowing the series of crimes.
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    One reason could be that the person might be under the pressure of a don or evil boss and has no alternative except going for the crime as directed. Many terrorists belong to that category.
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    Criminals are of different types. To name a few, there are born criminals, hardcore criminals, induced criminals, criminals by mistake and so on.

    If you study the background of born criminals, you will find that they have exhibited a criminal tendency or a liking to doing wrong things right from their childhood. We may not notice or realise their attitude or aptitude to do things against the set norms of a household or society in the beginning and may brush it off as childhood pranks or adolescent mischief etc. But by the time we realise that it was their mindset that prompted them to do wrong things, things would have slipped out of our hands. They are sort of addicted to committing crimes and they are least bothered about the outcome of what they do or the fact that they would be punished if they are caught.

    Hardcore criminals are also almost of a similar nature but they may be born criminals or otherwise. They become seasoned criminals over a period of time and are almost without any basic human emotions.

    Induced criminals are those who start committing crimes by influence or coercion of others. Most of the time, they are trapped, by some means, into committing a crime and then they find it difficult to get out of the vicious circle.

    People who become criminals by mistake are those who commit some crime due to different reasons like a fist of anger, provocation, self-defence, private defence etc. They may or may not continue to commit crimes.

    Born criminals and hardcore criminals do neither bother about the law nor are afraid of punishments and they seldom (almost never) repent. Induced criminals will be afraid of the consequences but they might not be able to find a way out to escape from the 'Sword of Damocles' hanging above their heads. Most of the time, they are sandwiched between law of the land and the pressure of their gang leaders. The last category I have mentioned do, mostly, repent and desist from committing such crimes once they complete their punishment.

    So, it is not that all the criminals think, act and react similarly. It is more of a psychological factor and it would do good to society if the law enforcement agencies approach them in such a manner.

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