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    Does music play an important role in the society? Should everyone listen to music?

    As we all know many people listen to music as soon as they get up so that it relaxes their mind and makes them start the day with a positive effect. On the flip side, some people do not like to be disturbed when one of the family members who is learning music practices singing early in the morning,others object saying it is loud and disturbs them. Can everyone enjoy music? Are there people who dislike music and do not want to learn or even listen to it? An apt example is Aurangazeb the Mughal king who used to hate music and banned any form of music or dance in his kingdom.Have you come across a person who dislikes music?
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    I heard that Auranjeeb never liked music. This is not a piece of authentic information and I am not sure. Not only people, even birds and animals will also have an ear for music I heard. Small kids, animals including snakes are also interested in hearing music.
    But definitely, there will be some people who may not like music also. But the percentage will be small. As an individual, I like hearing music and while travelling or doing some work on my computer I like to hear songs from movies or classical songs.
    When we hear songs we will forget other disturbances and our mind may become fresh. We may become happy. So One should spend some time hearing music. I like SP Balu's songs and Karnatic music by Bala Murali Krishna.

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    There is no hard and fast rule that every one loves the music and they would get solace out of it. In society there are music lovers, music hummers, music players and music haters. While music lovers are those who participate and promote the music in bigger way and their contribution to have the new music in their gadgets is for sure. And there are music hummers. who sing along their most favorite songs when played in tv, radio or public address system or any function. There are people who loves to play any instrument or music and that passion would make them to buy new instruments. And lastly there are people who are against the sound and they would not like any form of music at all. For me I am the liker of instrumental music and I always listen to music played by Brahmakumaris and I have their collections.
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    Music is called the divine listening pleasure. Many people enjoy music in its many forms ranging from classical to the most modern. It is a great composition in terms of tunes and melodies and soothes our mind and mood. I remember when I was in my class XI then my father bought a transistor radio which worked on batteries as well as mains power and it was a great asset in our house and my father allowed me to listen to it while I was studying as he found that it helped me to concentrate in my studies. I was so happy with that and mainly listened to the old hindi songs as well as the latest songs at that time and soon I memorised so many of them and used to sing them alone. That music helped me to concentrate in my studies and I fared well in my exams.
    There are some people who feel that music is a noise and obviously they would hate it and confront if someone plays it near them. But such people are very less and most of us like music of various forms and genre.

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    It is fact that Music has the magic to reduce our stress especially when we have tiredness. I regularly listen to music during some work and journey. No doubt music has the power to change thought and give new energy but I do not agree to say that music plays an important role in the society
    This is because the function of music is totally changed from the previous version. Nowadays youth like to listen to new versions of Music. In my previous thread, I shared my opinion on new version of music .

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