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    Which period of Indian history do you like and why?

    The students of India has been having History as a subject till tenth standard and they happen to learn about the life style of the kings and peasants of India. But our Bharath had been invaded and looted by foreign power as it was rich in many fields. The British,French,Portuguese were the main invaders. Prior to that there are chapters about the invasion of Alexander the great. Also there are chapters about how mughal emperors and Hindu kings ruled their kingdom. I am sure you all would have studied History when you were in school. Which period of Indian history did you like? Do you still show interest in going back to the pages of History book of your children and enjoy reading them?
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    I studied History up to the 10th Standard only. After that, I went to the Science stream and hence no history lessons. So I have no much knowledge in that subject. These days I hear many times that the history that is taught to us is manipulated by the British rulers and there are some facts that are missing in that subject. So some people say they are also to be rewritten.
    I like the history chapter that tells about the great emperor called Asoka and his way of ruling the kingdom. Another part I like is Chatrapathis Sivaji's history and the way he was brought up by his mother. I have no habit of reading our school history books, these days.

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    When ever I read Mahabharata and the making of Lord Krishna from his childhood to the grown up and then doing the war as the charioteer, the unfolding of things in between were very enchanting. With the help of Vishwakarma, he made the modern Indraprastha for the Pandavas, and the way he created the new Dwaraka for the public is commendable. There seems to be more happiness and abundance of love and affection during that period and the people were not having poverty at all. When the God is moving among the public and that would be formidable development on every count and surely wanted to be in that phase of history. The people used to eat pure food, vegetables and fruits and even the butter was solid which we cannot get these days. All these things take me to those days in dreamy sequence.
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    There are many periods in the history of India which people like but my take is the rule of Ashoka the Great ( 268-232 BCE), that is about 2300 years ago, when the empire under him was extended in all the directions and flourished like anything. Just after the return of Alexander from Indian peninsula, Chandragupta Maurya took control of North India and ruled it and after his death his son Bindusara took control and started expanding the kingdom in all the directions possible. Ashoka the Great was the son of Bindusara and he also added in the extension of the empire at that time and he conquered the kingdom of Kalinga also.
    Ashoka was a follower of Buddhism and he established many Buddhist monasteries along with a large number of stupas across the kingdom. Ashoka was instrumental in spreading the message of Buddhism in the adjoining countries. He established the Buddhism famous pillar in the place Lumbini. That time was the golden period in the history of India.

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    According to historians, looking at the overall development of India during the Gupta period in various social, cultural, political, economic, religious, and other fields, they called this period the Golden Age. Although the Guptas were followers of the Brahmanical religion, they had a liberal attitude towards other religions. At that time the interaction between the upper and lower castes increased and so did the social progress.
    In the Gupta period, the social condition of women and Shudras improved and women could get an education. In the Gupta period agriculture was the mainstay of economic life and unprecedented progress was made in agriculture, industry, and trade. Unprecedented progress was also made in the field of literature in the Gupta period, the great poet Kalidasa was the greatest writer of the Gupta period.
    But I think we are better off today than ever before because we can legally claim and enjoy the benefits of today's advanced technology. Besides, we have not seen that age, so I will say this is the best age.

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