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    What are your two all time favorite curries?

    Especially in India, people like to have at least one curry along with a daal item in their meals. Especially South Indians must have one curry in their meals. We have plenty of vegetables available and with that plenty of varieties of curries can be made. One of my favorite curry is Jack fruit -Panasa Pottu (jack fruit peelings) curry. This curry is made with by mixing mustard powder and other ingredients. It's most famous in AP marriages time. The other favorite curry of mine is Brinjal curry made with ginger, coriander and green chillies. Both these curries are very tasty when consumed along with rice. Then what are your two favorite curries and their specialty?
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    Curries are an integral part of Indian food and there are innumerable dishes under this category. In our house we prepare some traditional curries and also do experiment with newer ones. I like a few curries over other variants. One is the tomato-potato-paneer curry and other is cauliflower-potato-carrot curry. Of course these are very common ones in our country and are available and popular in many regions.
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    As mentioned by the author, in South India curry is a must item in our lunch and supper. We eat dal in lunch only. Generally, for supper, we will have chapati with curry. Sometimes in the absence of curry, we will go for a special variety of dal. Generally, we will not go for rice in the night times as we may consume more and if we eat chapatis there will be a count.
    I like Brinjal curry very much. Especially when the curry is made with Onion mixed with chilly powder and other ingredients. I require no dal also if the curry is made good and tasty.
    The second curry is the Jack fruit curry. It is a very famous dish specially made in AP. The curry will be made very tasty and it is a must for celebrations and functions in AP.

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    Curries can give you authentic taste if it is prepared with excess water and spices along with the main items. The entire contents are prepared in the medium heat ensuring that water has absorbed the item with which it is being cooked. I have tried different variants and some of the curries which I relish are Potato- tomato curries, Chicken curries, Fish curries etc. However, to have the tangy taste in the curries, there should be perfect blend of mustard oil, spices and the duration of cooking in the medium heat.

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    The author has ignited the taste buds in many members with this post and for me there are few varieties of curries which I like the most. The first being the goruchikkudu or cluster beans curry which is prepared by mixing the paste of turdal, udath dal and channa dal and that makes the great combination when mixed and eaten. The second set of curry is the mixed vegetable Avial by using the coconut oil for garnishing and that would be very tasty and the third being the gothi vankaya kura that means stuffed brinjal curry which is a must dish in every marriage and functions. All these curries are not prepared regularly at home and hence the asking for same would be more when we find it in some functions or marriages. These are the curries which goes well with rice and that would add much taste to the curries itself.
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