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    Why Ayurveda medication needs special diet or avoidance of certain food?

    Ayurveda is the most ancient type of Medical system for curing diseases in India. Most of the medicines in Ayurveda are prepared from herbs, plant material, and minerals of the earth's crust. So in Ayurveda, we are getting medicines from nature. But to use these medicines for the cure of diseases we need to follow a strict diet otherwise the medicines don't work. Certain materials like milk, buttermilk, ghee, honey, etc. to be used along with the medicines. Certain food items have to be avoided for a long duration. Is it the reason many avoid this medication? One of the merits of this medication is that there are no side effects. What are your experiences with this medication?
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    The author is right that Ayurvedic Medicines work better if the same is followed by Anupan. Anupan is a kind of supplement which will intensify the effect of the main medicines. It can be either honey, milk, or juices of some plants which will enhance the effect of the medicines. But there is some drawback in this system. The medications administered will work slowly but its prolonged administration under the guidance of the competent Vaidya will eliminate the disease without producing any side effects in the system.
    Once I suffered from Arthritis and for the same both the system Homeopathy and Allopathy failed and lastly I resorted to this system. Though it took its long time roughly six months to get rid of the disease but I was cured permanently.

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    Ayurveda medication is the best way of medication as far as I am concerned. if we can find out the problem in its early stage and if we contact a good Ayurvedic doctor we will be sure of getting cured. It may take a little more time. Mainly these days people are not having the patience to wait for some time and tolerate the problem. So they will immediately for allopathy. As mentioned by the author there are no side effects if we use these medicines.
    Diet restrictions play an important role in Ayurveda as this medication believes that all illnesses are mainly due to one of the three problems in the body. They are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, The food we take mainly aids any one of the three mentioned. So we should avoid those foods to get good results. At the same time, doctors suggest some foods which we should eat also when we use those medicines.

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    In ayurvedic system the type of food intake is of utmost importance. In this mode of cure it is strongly believed that different foods affect our bodies differently. Depending on the type of ailment food intake is decided by the Ayurvedic doctor. Ayurvedic therapy is very effective in many ailments. It is also a fact that no medicine system is perfect and cannot cure all the ailments so same is true for Ayurvedic system also. Ayurvedic system of medicine is based on herbs and natural items some of which are even available in our kitchen. There are many things which are suggested in ayurvedic system for helping a patient to get rid of certain ailments. For example for any problem in the throat area whether it is sore throat or throat congestion or tonsillitis or anything of that nature, Ayurveda advises hot water gargling and hot water drinking. There are hundreds of things like that in Ayurveda which can help a patient.
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    Pranic healers, Ayurvedic, and Homeopathy are pseudosciences with no diagnosis system. So I think there is nothing debate on this we have so many forums on this...
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    Since the Ayurveda medicines are concerned with three main criteria like pittham, vadam and Ushnam, our body need to be controlled and for that main reason the medication need with controlled dieting. Some of the Ayurvedic medicines are against using coffee as the beverage and some of the medicines are against the usage of oil and red chilly powder. Most of the Ayurvedic medicines would coincide with using of natural materials like milk, butter milk, ghee, and honey and these are always mix with medicines and they do wonders to the body and the results would be mind blowing. For example using of turmeric paste in the night before going to bed and applying it on face would bring glowing beauty next morning and that would also reduce the wrinkles. And the paste can be with curd or the butter milk for greater effect.
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