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    The Government should innovate to reach the bottom of the pyramid

    The core Hindi belt is the worst developed area of India, with huge populations and increasing birth rates. The infrastructure outside the big cities is in a shambles. The health and education sectors are among the worst in the world. All these facts have been recorded by the Planning Commission, now called Niti something, and as usual, with the usual Hindi bias.

    The economic advisors who advise these States have to necessarily learn from the South Indian States, that are now leading the country in terms of economic development and real growth. We just cannot afford to have islands of prosperity and huge armies of uneducated and untrained youth from the Hindi areas. Their economic development is as important now than ever before. It is not that there is no poverty in the Southern States. Yes. There is poverty, but the situation is far better.

    The Government of India should not leave everything to market forces and allow petrol to sell for Rs.100 a litre or prices of all essential commodities to soar to the greatest heights. We have a situation where the bottom of the pyramid, including the Hindi-speaking poor, need work far beyond religious slogans and religious identity.

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    The author has taken up a right point that in the Hindi belt especially UP, Bihar and Jharkhand, we can witness huge populations in the recent years and they don't have sufficient income to fend their families. Though they are trying hard to raise their income with different means but still, their condition is not improving. High rewarding job can be grabbed with the necessary qualifications fixed for such jobs and they lack the requisite qualifications for the same. Such a condition is really very disappointing and needs to be tackled by the government with the infusion of awareness of the higher education and other means which could help to raise their standards. Let us hope that there will be tangible improvement with the efforts of the government and other agencies.

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    Yes, Some states in India are really backwards and they are all from the Hindi belt only. The population increase is high in those states and education levels are not very high. There are many people from that side migrating to the south and working as daily labour and earning. That shows the underdevelopment of those states. The concerned state governments should visit the South Indian states and see what are the major difference here and there and how to change the situation there. The Central government should extend their helping hands to such states so that they will also come up.
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    What the author has been stressing the inclusive development of rural areas across the country to which each state government is responsible and the center would definitely assist them. The author has been talking about health and education. While there is a stress and need for govt hospitals and availability of medicines to poor and the central govt is ready on this subject through Ayushman Bharat, but some states does not want the central scheme and wants to have their own and failed utterly. Even in education sector the Telangana state promised KG to PG as free for girl child, but that does not happen however we must appreciate the timely release of scholarships to the students and that is noteworthy to be emulated by the state govts of other states. The voters have to assert their rights in North and they are not doing.
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    A thought provoking thread by the author. Whichever government is ruling the country it should be their first and foremost target to improve the condition of poor whether they are the one in the northern part of the country or in any other part of the country. It is very true that the people of south India in general are more disciplined and laborious than that of the northern counterparts and that is the reason why we can distinguish the South from the North in this respect. For last 74 years after the independence various governments were trying to improve the condition of the poor in our country. There was some achievement in this respect but the desired gains were not there. The present government is also trying very hard to achieve that ambitious goal and let us see how this regime is going to achieve that. In any task of such massive proportions it is natural that the cooperation of opposition parties and public at large is also required without which government can not be successful in implementing the poverty eradication programmes. Another aspect is the corruption in our system which is very deep rooted and any change in the regime at the top sometimes doesn't help in the matter.
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    "We just cannot afford to have islands of prosperity and huge armies of uneducated and untrained youth." How true are the words of the author? The governments are choosing the path of distributing freebies. This is not good for the country. Opportunities to gain employment should be created and the people be made to earn their own livelihood. In our country, the gap between the rich and poor is widening to dangerous proportions. A very little percentage of people are getting benefitted and they are garnering a major part of the income generated. This will certainly create problems in the future. The political parties are interested in giving away freebies and having their vote bank intact. This will create a section of people who do not want to be employed and enjoy the freebies. Such a situation should not be allowed to develop. Provide employment opportunities and let the people earn for themselves.

    The author mentioned the disparity in the North and Southern belts of the country. It may be true but as an Indian, I want inclusive growth in all parts of the country. The governments concerned should take proper measures to make their States develop in economic, health, and education sectors.

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    The points put forward by the author are, no doubt, noteworthy and requires serious consideration but his eternal bias towards the North is certainly something that needs to be cut short at the earliest. I would request the author to be more benevolent while making such references. Facts brought forward by the author is not being denied but I don't think we should stress on a North-South divide. As KVRR has said, let us strive for inclusive growth in all parts of the country. Pointing fingers at each other do not, I feel, really help.
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