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    Do you long for rekindling the friendship of your long last friend and try to reconnect?

    True friendship is divine and it is agreed that you get the company of such a friend very rarely. I also had a friend when I lived in West Bengal and she was very close to me. However, when I got married and settled down in Bangalore three decades ago,initially we used to write letters. But when I shifted my residence after a few years I lost track of her whereabouts.Years have rolled by still I have been unable to find her. I know social networking sites might help me to reconnect with her which makes me wonder is she on Face Book,Twitter or Instagram? Please discuss if you also have lost touch with your close pal?
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    It is the fact that our school and college mates are not available and their contacts not possible because I completed the schooling in 1978, college in 1980 and then studied degree and post graduation in Delhi through correspondence course, so there is no question of having any contact with the old goldies. But I still remember some of them even tried to search on social media. Unfortunately to avoid misrepresentation, many social media names are concealed and fictitious names exist. For example one of my friend has the nick name of rose in the social media and we cannot search by Ramana. Likewise for the author also connecting with the oldies of West Bengal cannot be possible unless and until a common friend identifies all and bring them to one group or otherwise the school or college must invite the alumni for a gettogether.
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    Friendship is indeed divine. Many would not survive without friendship. Friends and family are what make out life worthwhile. I believe rekindling a lost friendship is always good. However, if the reason for losing that friend is something negative then it's better to not open any wounds. Other than that rekindling a friendship sounds thrilling. The feeling of nostalgia and being young is great and that comes automatically when you meet your old friends. And I do agree with the author that just wanting to rekindle a friendship isn't enough. Even though there are social media, it isn't easy to find your old friends. Many might not be on the site. While there might be some whose full name you're not aware of. Nonetheless, the desire to rekindle a friendship is good and one should make efforts like searching on social media or finding a contact. As the author said once should be the person who bring all the friends together and it will be great if we are the person doing so.
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    Friendship is a boon and a gift given by God. We will be having many friends. In different stages of our life, we will be making new friends and maybe forgetting old friends. But a true friend will be remembered forever. I studied in high school during the 1970s. I remember many of my friends of those days. But I am in touch with 7 or 8 friends. We will be in touch through WhatsApp or Phone. Like this, we will remember our best friends.
    These days the definition of friendship is changed. Thanks to Social Media. They will never see each other or not even talk over the phone. But they will become friends. After a few days, one of them will try to get money from the other person and will deceive them.
    True friends are very rare. But definitely, we will have a few friends who will care for us and we will care for them. We have to keep such friends in a high priority position and we should help them whenever they have a need.

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    A good friendship is definitely a divine thing. In todays world it is not difficult to reconnect with old friends as Facebook, WhatsApp, telegram, hike etc are there to help us in this matter. I have got connected to many old friends like that but I have one observation in this regard which I want to share is that all of them do not reciprocate in the expected way. Only a few of them show the same warmth and feelings that we had during our school or college lives. There could be many reasons for that indifference because life is a long journey and people gather different types of experiences and their behaviour is affected accordingly by that. The only good thing is that some of those old friends show same love and affection that we had earlier and that is the thing that gives us much satisfaction and we then understand the value of a true friendship.
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