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    Parents perceptions does not matter when considering child career

    Often there has been misunderstanding between parents and child when it comes to career deciding and at the time there are more than one option for the child to decide, the parents are often in the confused stage and wants to have their influence and perceptions in decision making. No doubt parents are well wishers and has been the sponsors for the good education, but it is the will and pleasure of the child to accept and go about the future career and there cannot be outside influence and that matter even the friends and the parents. This is the reason being so many children end up with poor deciders when they follow parental advice.

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    The author has presented the most relevant thread indicating how the kids are pressurised to take up a particular stream since the parents see a bright future with the stream as suggested by them. It really becomes a tensed situation for the child to which career he should move in- the one for his liking or as suggested by the parents. We should see how comfortable the kid can be with his chosen stream. Putting pressure to choose the one of the parental choice might produce strain in the mind set of the kid and it might happen otherwise. He cannot fare well with the stream for which he is being forced. Let us see what is his ambition and inclination and they should be allowed to go ahead with their own likings so that they can show their talents in their chosen areas.

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    That is true. We should not force the children who are about to start their careers to select the field we like. As they are also educated and they will look around and discuss with friends and others who are in the field, their perception about the chances for the field they are choosing will be better.
    As parents, we will also have some anxiety about the career of our child, so we can suggest or tell our ideas to our children and the final decision should be left to them. As they know better about the skill set they have and the field in which they are more interested they will take the correct decision.
    My elder son while he was doing his B.Tech EEE, in campus interviews he got selected as a software engineer. He asked me my Idea. I told him he can go for M.Tech or even search for a job in his core area. But he said that he is more interested in software jobs and he doesn't want to leave an offer from a company like IBM. I said Ok. He joined and now he is in a good position in an MNC.
    So suggesting is not wrong but forcing is not correct. They should be given a free hand

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    Career making is a difficult process and there are many stakeholders in it like parents, teachers, well wishers, mentors, and of course the student himself. So everyone has a role there and can contribute as per their ways and ideas about career making. Unfortunately, in many cases the children do not like the advices of others as there are some ideas in their minds related to the career making and they would be so obsessed with that idea that they would go for it without assessing their real worth in the direction of that particular career. That is the juncture where some mentor is required who can make them aware about the facts of life and align them in the other possible and feasible categories of careers for them. This role can be done by anyone including the parents but whoever does it has to do in a non coercive way so that the children do not get offended unnecessarily.
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