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    Should we force children to continue studies even if they are not interested?

    Usually, parents think that their children are good at studies and well in all aspects. But some children show very mediocre progress in their studies that will not at all be encouraging for the parents. They get an overall perspective of their children once they keep moving to higher classes. But so many parents still try to improve and motivate their children by giving tuitions and think that if by hook or crook they pass in their classes they can get some job. In this competitive world, such individuals may not get any job and finally get dejected. In this context, would it be better for parents to divert their child to some other field in which they are interested or are passionate about instead of forcing him/ her to pursue their academics? Members, what do you feel?

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    Studies cannot be forced upon and asked to continue at the will of parents and it all depends on the likes of the children and if the course is attractive and fetching in futute, the children may try but otherwise they would refuse. One of my friend has two daughters, while the elder one was very intelligent and pursuing higher studies as guided by the parents. The younger one is interested in arts but not the studies. The parents are not understanding this and forcing us to study and she openly told the parents that she would run away if forced. Really shocked at her behavior, she is now allowed to pursue her career in fine arts and drawing and she is doing exceptionally well as she organised the painting competition with friends and sold their creative exhibits at good price and that has given the parents the solace.
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    Suppose if the child is very poor in any kind of courses and then what we have to do? Do you have to continue the studies or to divert the students to train some manual job oriented work?

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    Previously (in Olden days or in Traditional family)female gender who looks for Household things they will not educate much even though they are educated they never go into doing the Jobs outside. Parents think that they can educate their children if their daughter is educated. This proves that Education is a must up to a certain level I think.
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    Nothing should be forced upon children. One should always do what they desire. It is normal for parents to worry about their children and whether they will successful if they follow their passion. However forcing them to continue something they don't desire is not the answer to any solution. Parents should instead have a talk with the children and tell them about the consequences of what would happen if they don't succeed. They should help them find another path in case of failure and encourage them. Parents should be supportive of their children so that they can thrive. They should help them to follow their dreams but at the same time help them to find a alternative whenever necessary. Studies are important but so are their dreams therefore nothing should be forced.
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    Pressurising the children to get into the subjects liked by the parents is not correct. The perception of the parents may be different from that of the children. As a parent, it is our responsibility to see that our children will get into good courses and qualify well. That will help their children to have a good future. But if the students are not having an interest in the subject they were admitted they can't do well and that will make them suffer a lot and they may not settle well in their lives. So they should be given some independence to select the course. But a parent or a teacher can suggest subjects that are having better chances based on the facts and perception of the individual. The student will take his final decision based on his interest and chances that are available.
    So forcing somebody to go as we said is not correct.

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    Students should not be pressurised for their studies but should be motivated by their parents. There are many ways of motivation and while applying some positive tricks, the parents need sufficient patience to tackle a confused child.Taking their own wards into confidence would not be a difficult task if there is there is the mutual trust. Then the the interpretation of the parents should be such that it appeals to him. May be it requires a series of sessions to make the ward convinced regarding the positive outcome of studies. They would definitely come to your term with your patience and right guidance.

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    Unfortunately, parents who think that their children are good at studies and in all other aspects should be worried about themselves more. Is it necessary to score good all the time or is it possible for everyone to do well in their studies? Finding out the interests of the children are important where parents and teachers have a major role to play. Concentrating only on studies will not help to nurture other talents which are also necessary and parents should think rationally if they find their children having other interests. Here, the age of the children has to be kept in mind also. In many cases, children going to primary classes may feel less interested in studies and more interested to play with friends. It is natural and for that, the habit to study has to be formed. Getting some job by hook or by crook and remaining unhappy throughout life should not be a solution and parents also should not think of it as the only option. Parents should also think about what makes their children happy and guide them accordingly.

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