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    Is it good or bad to apply hair oil for hair?

    In our ancient traditional system people used to apply hair oil for good growth of hair. Usually coconut or Castor oil are good for growth. Till few decades back whether women or men regularly used to apply hair oil. But slowly as a modern trend both women and men stopped applying hair oil. Scientifically also people saying that by applying hair oil, bacteria will grow and stay on hair. This will affect the nature and quality of hair. But traditional followers say by using hair oil the growth of the hair is good and strong and will help to avoid dandruff. Are you using hair oil regularly? What are your experiences with using hair oil to hair or you discourage using hair oil.
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    Applying Hair oil like Navaratan with the massage will cool the head for an hour and so... There is no scientific evidence that Hair oil will increase the hair and will stop the conversion of black into grey. If so, Baldhead people can also apply hair oil and will turn their bald heads to fully-haired...
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    Using hair oil has many benefits. Firstly the body has the heat and to have control over it the head has to be cool and thus hair oil is used to have the coolness penetrated into the body. When the small kids are given the oil bath, they would sleep for happily without any disturbance and their hair would grow fast and strong. The strands would be healthier and that does not lead to hail falls and thus those who are beauty conscious does not want to loose their air. And by having hair oil regularly and then having head bath with herbal powder even the dandruff can be put into control. So the elders at the home make sure that the young girls are applied with oil, and let the hair grow long and strong. But for me I apply Navratna tail to have cooling hair effect and also keep our head cool. And during festivities having oil bath is compulsory.
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    It is better to apply Coconut oil or Gingely oil regularly for hair as the same reduce the body heat well. Consuming hair oils also good but the chemical contents should be noted as many producers are mixing some chemicals for smell etc. which is harmful to our hairs. As there are products of Hair oils from some renowned Ayurveda manufactures coming in the market the same could be used by any one as they contains some herbal extracts which is good for our health also.

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    During my childhood, I used to apply coconut oil daily to my hair as it was the practice in our house. My parents and other members of the family used to apply coconut oil to their hair and the same practice came to us. I used to apply almost for 30 years. Afterwards, I stopped applying hair oil. But my wife will be using coconut oil regularly.
    I have not noticed any difference. My hair growth and all that is the same in both cases.
    But there are many people who say that applying oil to hair is good. The oil will reduce the heat of the body. Some Ayurvedic preparations are there which are very good for hair growth. The main ingredient in these hair oils is coconut oil only. Coconut oil prevents our bodies from getting dry and keeps the body soft and wet. The same may hold good to the skull also. SO this oil may be more useful to the skull than hair.
    These days youth never use any oil for their hair.

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    Traditionally people use hair oil of various kinds for their hair in our country. It is very good for the scalp in many ways. It cools the head and keeps the hair in a particular form. It is a well known method of removing excess heat from the head which often creates headache and other ailments. Oil is also good and nourishing for the growth of the hair. It keeps them moist and healthy. So, oil is good for our head and hair but there are some precautions to be observed in this. What is important is the frequency of applying oil to the hair. Generally oil is to be applied after washing of the hair. If we add oil in dirty hair then it would create infection and bacterial effects might emerge on scalp surface and hair roots. Many people oil their hair only when they wash their hair thoroughly. It could be after a gap of 2-3 days or in some cases weekly.
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