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    Voting violence discredits the ruling party?

    Unprecedented unrest in 107 municipal elections in West Bengal 2022. Even before the voting started, unrest has started in the districts. A new trend of violence has been seen in the polls since morning. Unprecedented incidents like EVM vandalism are going on along with the capturing of booths. The Election Commission has already called for a report on this for more booths. Such unprecedented violence has never been seen before in the politics of Bengal. So much violence about seizing power in politics seems to discredit the ruling party at once. What do you think?
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    When the ruling party fears that the voters may turn volatile against them and vote against the government, the party and leaders cannot digest the defeat, though it is the local body elections, but are fought on party basis and hence ruling party wants to create impression for themselves and opposition parties wants to make inroads into their vote banks. And we know in the recent assembly elections, BJP did make dent in votes of ruling party, communists vote bank and also Congress bastions and thus could win some formidable seats that has given unhappiness to Mamta didi. Please compare the assembly elections which are being held in UP and five phases ended yesterday with no violence because the government has given full powers to police and law to make the free and fair elections and not like WB.
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    Nowadays, these things are happening in many states and the EC is not able to do anything,
    In Andhra Pradesh, during the local body elections, many members belonging to the ruling party not even allowed the opposition parties to put their nominations also. The police also supported the ruling party. This happened in municipal elections, Panchayat elections and all other local bodies also, In some villages the state ruling party members not allowed voters to cast their votes. They voted on their behalf of them. There are many such incidents. Many people complained to EC. But nothing happened.
    That is how our politicians are behaving these days. Very bad situations and when we hear such incidents we never feel like voting also. I think these elections should be conducted under the direction of courts and the EC is not able to exercise their powers properly.

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    This is a very interesting post by the author and requires some serious pondering. The duty of state administration is not to allow any violence during the polls and that is only possible when people as well as the evil elements have a fear of the administration. It is natural that the ruling party in the state only gives direction to the administration for taking up the matter and establish the good governance and if there is violence in the state then the ruling party is responsible for it and it is a clear sign that they cannot manage the bad elements even if they have the police under them. Violence and illegal activities in any state reflect the poor discipline and order of the ruling party and public can take cognisance of it in their voting but what happens when the voters are subjected to physical attacks and violence? Who is supposed to check that? Why the police cannot take action against the goonda elements? Election commission is only a statutory body to conduct the polls. The law and order is state subject and if the state cannot do it then what the election commission would do?
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