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    Without missing guests and relatives in Marriage photo session ?

    While many arrangements would be made to make a marriage a grand success right from sending the invitation and till the end of bidding farewell to the guests, the hosts have many responsibilities and that need to be followed. Normally the photo session with the bride and groom is very important and that registers their presence in the marriage. Unfortunately some guests are missed and some relatives are also missed when they are dining and won't come back to the dias and in that case there would be complaint galore after the marriage that photo session was missed and avoided. How to tackle this ?
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    Generally, all the guests will come at least once on to the stage when they attended the marriage to bless and wish the couple. There will be videos throughout the marriage. So in that video at least once every guest will be visible. Photographs also will be taken throughout the marriage. So if we see all the photos, in at least one or the other photo we will see all the guests.
    These days based on the availability of time, there will be a reception before the actual marriage starts. Again guests will go and wish the couple. At that time there will be video and Photo shooting will be continuous and all will be there in both. So chances of missing are very remote.
    Even then if somebody is missing we can't help it and we have to ignore if any complaints come also, if we are the hosts. If we are guests we can ignore and should not complain against anybody.

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    Now a days in most of the cases first the guests will go on the dias and congratulate the couple and whatever gift they want to give, they will be giving at the dias itself. The photo session runs concurrently with this process and remains in action till the last guest has visited the dias. In such cases I don't think if any guest is missed in the photo shoots. The problem may come in those situations where such arrangement is not there and people come for photo session only for some limited period and in that process some people are missed because they could not make themselves available within that limited time as they might be busy in taking their food or chit chatting with friends.
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