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    Do you think the premium branded apparels are originals ?

    The Hyderabad police caught a gang who are manufacturing and selling Allen Solly and Louis Phillippe premium brands apparel apparently selling to multi brand showrooms and we the customers are fooled that they are the original brands. Though there are designated company own showrooms of these particular brands, it is not spread far and near and therefore we purchase in multi brand shops which seems to keep this apparel but the duplicate ones. So next time do not waste money on spurious brands but shop at originals.
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    Not all shops sell duplicate items though we should be cautious as advised by the author to check the authenticity of the brand. The thing is unless such incidents happen we do not doubt such purchases and now if the popular brands describe ways to identify duplicate items people will notice them. When we purchase items from renowned shops we do not think about the brands' originality and in most of the cases, it will be found that shops selling such duplicate items are not so renowned ones. This thread seems quite generalised in nature as if every multi-brand store sells duplicate materials which is not the case. There must be some differences in the price and the quality of the items through which the products may be identified.

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    These days there is no area where customers are not deceived. We see these duplicate models.
    One of my relatives wanted to send their car from Hyderabad to New Delhi. We all know Agarwal packers and movers are very famous and we can be sure of our material delivering the material safely at the destination. So they checked the address of Agarwal's office phone number. They booked the car and it never reached the destination. After 10 days they went to the office address given in their receipt and to their astonishment no office is there. On enquiry, it was revealed there was a packers and movers office there. It is not Agrawal's but it is very near to that name and the type of letters is similar to the famous company. Then our relative gave a police complaint and police traced the car somewhere in Rajasthan. This total episode took almost 6 months and the car was also in a bad shape. So we should be very careful during our purchases,

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    The author has raised a very interesting thread how the customers are fooled with the companies apparently looking genuine ones. It would not be easy to know the authenticity of the products/ shops. For the interest of big players to carry on their business smoothly, they should ensure that no duplicate products are available in the market which could erode their reputation and ultimately their sales might be affected. They should take the customers in confidence making them aware how the fake products can be identified on physical examinations. It would be necessary to display advertisements on TVs or in the social media platforms apart from displays on the newspapers.
    For the customers, the safe point would be to make purchases from the reputed departmental stores or shops so that the risk of getting a fake materials can be minimised if not curbed altogether.

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    It is said that when there is an original then there would be a duplicate also. The meaning of this is that there are people who can copy anything in the world to nearest perfection and then sell in the name of the original. We have to be very cautious of the duplicate products. A good governance in the country can only help in nabbing these people who make quick buck by resorting to illegal processes. One interesting thing in this matter is that some branded companies get their items made by the small manufacturing operators in remote and interior areas but accept the items only after the rigorous quality check and many times reject 10-15 pieces out of 100 pieces and then these rejected pieces get entry in the market and being sold at a high discount though the consumer cannot catch the slight defect in them. They are otherwise as good in quality as the original. This is a source which few people know and they are deceived easily.
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    Only the original manufacturers should have flying squad to check for duplicates.
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