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    AP government wishes to expand 13 districts to 26 districts despite its lack of financial resources!

    In order to play political and sentimental politics, the Andhra Pradesh government wishes to increase the number of districts from 13 to 26. The government of Andhra Pradesh is incurring significant debt from banks and other sources. Banks are hesitant to lend money, so in order to make money, they are providing surety for expensive lands in Guntur and Visakhapatnam. Will the economic situation worsen if the AP government divides districts in this scenario? Will the High Court step in to stop this act? Will the central government intervene, or will this act be stopped? or Andhra Pradesh's Chief Minister will realize it isn't the right way to go...
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    The Telangana government already increased to 33 districts but not a single collector building or office has been built in the new districts. Recently one Collector office was built in the Mulugu district... and many don't know the district names too...
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    Its a political game on the part of state govt to emulate the Telangana style of having more districts. If more districts, more MLA 's representation in the assembly and more MP's from the state to have more assertion and rights on the central govt. But for the people there is no difference because, unlike Telangana, the AP is not rich and we have recently seen how the state govt employees and teachers were gone on stir for pay hike and fitment issues and this proves Jagan govt is in loss and in this juncture going for new districts would be costly effect because, new administration, infrastructure and staff be needed and all these are fixed expenses to which the state cannot afford. In politics such foolish ideas flash in the minds of rulers but they would not realize that in the long run the state would be the huge sufferer.
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    Division of a state in two or more states and division of a district in two or more districts is generally done on need basis and not on whims and fancies. One can definitely woo the local voters and public by dividing a district in two or three parts but implementing that and taking the advantage of that for the progress and prosperity of state is not an easy and straightforward job. A state is empowered to do that type of bifurcation but why centre or judiciary would intervene in it until there is a PIL or complaint or case for stay or something of that kind is initiated by the concerned people in the state. What the opposition parties are doing there?
    It is always thought that the representatives of the people chosen to run the states will do the things in the right perspective. If they are doing some gross mistake or big blunder then who can save them to face the disastrous results.

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    #753067 Increase of Districts won't result in the increase of MP's and M.LA'S.
    Everyone should observe the nature of the Graphite structure because a Graphite has only a tendency to convert into diamond under tremendous temperature and pressure.

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    The only reason everyone say is good administration is possible if the districts are small. The same point will be told when the states are also divided. But at what cost. When a common family gets divided into small families, the expenses will increase automatically. Same is the case in these cases also. But there will not be any increase in revenue generation. So the government will try to increase the taxes etc by increasing the grades of different towns and cities. A normal panchayat may be made as municipality and automatically taxes will increase. More than this a common man will never get benefitted in any way. But people who makes rounds around the government office need not travel long distances. But their expenses will never come down . The parties can satisfy more members of their party by giving various posts in odistrict committees etc. I heard that there is a chance for increase of constituencies also if districts are increased. But how far it is true I don't know. But increase in constituencies also is of no use to a common man
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