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    The value of my home in life

    This is a very realistic question "What is the value of a home in our life?"
    Our home is like a temple where our family members live happily. We spend our childhood at home with our parents. But think about builders who just plan to sell or buy any home. It may a business for them but how to judge the actual value of any home.

    What is your opinion about your attachment to your home? Is it only an investment in life or an important part of life?
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    It is the fact that owning a home is the long cherished dream of many and how a home should be, what should be the facilities, and how far one can afford to have the luxuries attached it, all depends on the purchasing capacity and liking. But builders are vying with each other to bring in best possible combination of luxury with modern facilities and thus making home the best place to live. Think of swimming pool inside the flat ?, think of community gym, and community gathering in every apartment, the play space for the children to enjoy every evening, these are the small steps towards bringing in happiness and harmonious living pleasure for the buyers and now builders are also coming with furnished house, so that nothing need be purchased, and start the family way right from the day one. That is incredible in deed.
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    Home is where love resides, memories are created, and laughter never ends. Owning a home is dream come true. There will be security for the entire family as they have their own roof under which they can live peacefully. In rented houses, one does not know when the landlord will increase the rent or when he may ask the tenant to vacate the premises. This problem will not be there when one owns a house. The most important part is the memories one remembers with happiness. If the home is an inheritance from the elders, then there will be childhood memories that one can never forget in life. Owning a home is a blessing indeed.
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    Definitely our home is the place we always feel secured. After spending the whole day with many struggles, when we comeback home we feel relaxed and we will be happy in spending time with it. The house that is own will be like heaven to us. That is why old people who spend their whole life in their own houses hesitate to shift to other places leaving their own houses. They get sentimentally attached so much to their houses.
    If our donor daughter who is young returns back to the house after completing their work we feel relaxed as we feel they are safe in the house even though we are not there in the house.
    In earlier days, many people were not having their own houses and were staying in rented houses. But these days because of loans from banks and apartment cultural many people are somehow managing own residences. Really having a own house is felt like a life time achievement.

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    Yes, the memory of the old house is everyone's favorite place.
    Is it possible to forget the house where the source of naughty sweet memories of the days of adolescence, where the story of growing up to is contained?
    The natural flower garden, vegetable garden, and greenery in the village house attract everyone. Also surrounded by coconut, mango, blackberry, etc. trees. A small pond, a lot of fish in the pond, these can not be ignored. In the months of February, March, and April, fish are taken from the pond and given to everyone in the village, where are these found nowadays. So wherever you are, no matter where you go in search of income, it is the duty of all of us to keep our old home intact. The promoters who are dealing with Home have less attraction with the transacted house because there are no such memories lying with such houses.

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    Phagu, for the builders it is only a house. It becomes a home only when it is occupied by people who love and care for each other. A house becomes a home when there is a sense of belonging amongst each other, about the properties in the house and in fact, anything and everything that is connected to the house. Buying or constructing a house may be an investment only but making a home should be one's ultimate dream and aim.

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