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    Automatic power on and off sensors or an alert will result in more saving of electricity!

    In the robotic age of this century where everything is automated if we had a sensor that recognized humans present in the room or building, then it would switch on fans and lights and switch off when there is no one. or (an alert like lift doors please close the door if we do not properly shut the lift door). accordingly, thus curtailing the overuse of electricity and becoming more economically feasible. For decorations in public offices or places like parks, in Government offices, we often see unnecessary decorative lights in fountains, and other amusement places to look beautiful they should be powered by solar energy.
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    True. Resources will not get wasted if we use these sensors which will see that fans, lights and other electrical appliances will get off when not in required.
    In many houses we put on the motors to fill overhead tanks and forget to put off them. A lot of wastage of water as well as power. There are timers we can fix yo them and adjust the time as required. Automatically after completing the time fixed the motor will get stopped automatically. Like this if we have some automatic sensors which will work smartly.

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    The author has explained a very good idea. True where many people are still deprived of electric lights. Many people there are wasting unlimited electricity. Saving electricity is therefore very important. Various companies are using advanced technology to save some of it but it is not as expected. So we should control our low intelligence with high technology. Any machinery that can automatically control them must be effective. And with the use of various low-power accessories as well as increasing the use of solar power, we will surely be able to save electricity. This is very important for our future generation.
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    Good alert message from the author concerning to curtailing over usage of electricity and thus through having sensors, the power may be saved by switching off automatically. In Hyderabad the street lights are maintained in such a way that one after other would goes off when the alternate is on and this happens within seconds, and the absence of one street light does not pose any shortage of light but the power has been saved. Likewise our colony street lights would goes off at 5 am early in the morning and would switch on at 7 pm in the evening automatically and there is no control needed. Likewise in our homes also when we sit together the lights and fans should start and when we leave the hall, the same should switch off. Such kind of arrangement in the gated community would be very much appreciated and power saved.
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    In Today's newspaper, I read that in Telangana state that there are a lot of pending payments of power bills from the Telangana Government offices to the Electricity board. I got triggered by this idea as a result of that news.....
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    Automatic sensors would definitely help in saving a great amount of electricity and there is no doubt on that but our problem is more deep rooted. We have a lot of lights and decorations at many places which are in fact not required especially in the Govt offices. In a private shop or company if daylight is available from the window then they do not switch on the lights because they know that they have to pay for the electricity bill at the month end. But in Govt offices and organisations many offices use air conditioning and pull down the curtains in day time and switch on the light and there is a big wastage of the electricity. In many states the budget is not sufficient and then they do not pay the electricity bill and cite the reason that how does it matter if we do not pay from one Govt department to other. A good logic but why to waste the electricity at the first place. One unit wasted is almost equal to one and half unit of electricity produced and if we can save this energy then it can be made available to others through the national grid. It is also true that we have to harness the solar energy as far as possible in the areas where sunshine is sufficient.
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