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    Why we remember ultimate and most memorable events ?

    Irrespective of being poor, middle class or rich, when it comes to some events and functions at home, the arrangements would be splendid and so much detailing goes with every aspect so that the guest would feel that the arrangements were ultimate and memorable forever. It may be a satisfying welcome, having a lavish lunch spread, giving away the best return gift to every guest or having a special attendant to look after their needs without even asking for it. This kind of planning would be rare and not everyone would be accustomed to such ways.

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    Well planned and elaborate arrangements in any function make it memorable and we feel to copy and mimic them in future also and people quote it umpteen number of times whenever they are going to plan a function of that magnitude. It is not only the money which matters but meticulous planning and foreseeing the guest's conveniences is what matters in planning such events. I have witnessed such a meticulously planned function not in today's world but a world 56 years back in my village. There were about 800 people assembled for a puja in one of the houses in my village and there were many young and a few old volunteers in the village who offered to work for making lunch for all of the participants and there were many dishes prepared without any expert cooks and people took food in 100 numbers at a time as the courtyard was able to accommodate only that much at one time and the whole lunch thing after puja went for 2-3 hours and people were too happy with the arrangement and though I was of a very tender age at that time I still remember the scenes of that though I have forgotten many star hotel parties that I attended later in my life.
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    Umesh your sharing has added to the post and community participation was awesome and that is outstanding.
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    Honestly, we want to make any social event at home memorable. The rich, the poor, the middle-class everyone wants to do it better. This is the characteristic of our society, this is the lesson of living with everyone in the society. It costs a lot but it does it for emotional satisfaction. Let others in the society think something good about me, that is the motivation to behave like this. Moreover, it is also the reason for maintaining one's existence among one's friends and relatives.
    After all, everyone can enjoy the function in a better way?

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    If we have the intention of providing the best menus even at our homes, that is not impossible altogether. It requires meticulous planning from our end. Time and venue of entertaining the guests are important. Guests to be entertained are to be ascertained. However, entertaining the large number of guests within a confined place will take inordinate time to entertain them. However the dishes would be definitely be awesome and can be compared with the provisions of any reputed hotel. Though the guests will relish foods arranged in our homes and considering the cost of such items it might be half of the cost as charged in a luxury hotels.

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    Social events unite people of the society which happen once in a blue moon which make the hosts take utmost care to make sure that their guests have a royal welcome and served the palatable food so that that particular day is stored in their memory for a long time.When a colossal number of guest attend a function, the host should appoint an event planner who could very well organize the function. For example, during my daughter's wedding we had appointed a very good event planner who made sure that all the guests were treated equally giving no way for complaint. Therefore, it is better to do so if you want your function to be a memorable one. Even now when I meet some of the guests who had attended the wedding of my daughter remember the wedding day and tell me how well organized the things were.

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    I don't think the financial status of the host or the number of dishes has anything much to do with making an event memorable. The most important part is, no doubt, the way you look after your guests. Right from receiving them and ensuring that they are being looked after to seeing them off gracefully is actually what matters. Even if you make all the arrangements, including a lavish spread on the table, if you or someone else who is equally responsible does not take care of your guests and acknowledge their presence, I doubt whether they would carry back good memories. They may say that the arrangements were good and that the food was tasty, but the fact that the host or someone from his side did not acknowledge his presence, at least by a gesture, will definitely be a blot on the entire event.

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    When we attended a function, the hosts will receive us and they will take care of us and see that we are comfortable. How long we will remember that event will depend on how they received you., how they talked with you etc. The food they served may be remembered for a few days but the hospitality they have shown will be remembered forever.
    During the reception given on the occasion of son's marriage, we organised a musical concert and a dance programme. Both the programmes attracted almost all the guests and many stayed for a long time to enjoy that music. Some of my relatives and friends who attended that marriage remember that programme even today also almost after 10 years and whenever we met they refer that programme and appreciate the cultural programme we have arranged.

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