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    Why Prashant Kishor, Prakash Raj visited Kaleshwaram Project ?

    There has been behind the scene hectic activities going on in Telangana to take on BJP at the center as Political strategist Prashant Kishor and noted actor and arch BJP critic Prakash Raj accompanied to visit the mega Kaleshwaram Project which was the brain child of KCR and their visit signifies that without even asking for support these two are coming forward to help KCR take on BJP at the national level. It may be noted here that when KCR visited Maharashtra recently it was Prakash Raj who facilitated the visit and meeting with Shiv Sena chief. So what's cooking ?
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    Prashant Kishor is seen recently in Telangana and moving with Praksh Raj and he has visited the Kaleshwaram project and may visit other reservoirs constructed under the same project.
    Prakash Raj is a strong opponent of our PM Modi and he will be always in the front to criticise him and his government. These days KCR is also giving very bad statements and criticising PM. Our PM is an enemy to both KCR and Raj. So they are friends. That is why we have Raj in Mumbai when KCR went there to meet political leaders and CM of that state.
    Now KCR had two tasks before him. One is to make his son KTR the CM of this State. The second issue is to oust BJP from the centre. He might have asked for the services of Prashant for making strategy for these two goals or for any one of the two goals. We have to wait and watch to understand the real role of the strategist with TRS, especially with KCR. KCR is a person who can deceive Praksh and Prashant by being friendly with them.

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    May be KCR want to evaluate his own chance by projecting a national project done without national participation ?
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There are some political advisors or political consultants in our country who are in great demand as some ambitious politicians take their advices and call them for ascertaining strategies of political nature.
    This interaction of KCR with the so called experts appears to be falling in the same line. If we recollect the chief minister of West Bengal also had taken advices from these people in certain matters of political interest. Many other politicians have also taken advices from such experts in past.
    As KCR is undertaking some big project it is natural that he will like to get political advice by some expert so that if there are some deficient points in the implementation of the project from political angles then KCR will get assured that everything was in place. It is also obvious that high fees is to be paid for these special consultations.

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    Yesterday KCR visited Jharkhand and had discussions with the CM there. He seems to be fanning out.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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