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    Why the mother defends even as her son at fault with behavior ?

    In one of the ongoing Tamil serial, the son who was obedient, and has the caring and loving wife at home, comes in contact with a office colleague who comes on deputation and gets attracted to this person and even declares she was pregnant. Though the person was not responsible, the story was woven in such a way that he was made to believe for being the father of yet to born baby. That was interesting and though the wife desert him and stays at the friends house, the mother is confident that her daughter in law would return as her son is not at all wrong ? Why mothers always defends their sons ?
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    Mother always feels that her children are good and they will never go for any unwanted activities. If something bad they did also, mother thinks that her children did that because of some of their friends. Any mother always likes and loves her children. This is a very common issue. Some mothers will observe their children and try to advise them properly so that the children will behave properly.
    But some mothers always support their children even they are at fault. They will say their children are good but the other children are spoiling them. That will make their children further bad.
    When a conflict comes between son and daughter in law, she will definitely support the son only. She always finds fault with her daughter in law only. That is very natural in the Indian scenario. The same might have shown in the serials mentioned by the author.

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    The relationship between the parents and children is very affectionate and bonding. Parents love and care their children much and cannot compromise in that aspect. If someone criticises their children for any reason they would start fighting with that person. This love for children goes to extreme and they would blindly favour the child. This tendency is found more in the mother as father sometimes due to practical reason bangs the child for its wrong doing. Mother would also bang the child occasionally but when it comes to the matter with some external entity then mother will be never be blaming her child for it and would blame that external person for all the problems created in the life of the child. Mother would never accept that her child was wrong in any way. It is an infatuation of high degree but it is the fact of the life.
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    Our mother is the only person in our life who understands from the inside, we don't have to tell her anything, how can she understand our state of mind just by looking at our faces. It is not a movie or a story, it is a fact that the mother does not want anything from the child. There is nothing wrong with a mother's affection for her child. No matter how good or bad the child is, the mother will treat him equally well. That is why she leaves the happiness and peace of mother life, she spends her whole life thinking only about how her child will be well. Just talking to mom gives us a sense of peace that takes away all the fatigue of the day, filling us with a strange feeling of well-being. So the heaven is at the feet of the mother.
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    A mother cannot find any fault of her child at a glance unless the circumstances are beyond her belief. This is due to her belief within her child that he cannot be at fault. This might be due to the blood relationship of the mother in the son. A father is having a different temperament and would bang the child if he is found in the wrong side. He can differentiate between the right and wrong but a mother can close her eyes and ears if evidence against the fault of her child is produced before her. A mother is so great that she forgets thinking of her own comforts and she would like to see her sons and daughters happy at all costs.

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    That is mother. Mothers are always for family. Her entire concentration falls on the family welfare and her children are treasure for her. A mother cannot have equal person in this world. Nobody can compared with mothers.
    Famous spiritual speaker Kirubananda variar used to tell in his discourses that if a male of a house gone to market for fetching vegetables, he will choose the items liked by him most but a mother or a lady will select only items which are liked by the family members though the items not liked by her.
    A story which was told by my mother usually. A man brought up well by his mother till the age of marriage. He fallen love with some girl and told his mother about the proposal. Mother also agreed for that marriage amidst many complications between the girl's family and his family. After the marriage was over, the girl wanted to live separately from his mother. Mother agreed for that also. Due to love and affection on his wife he nodded his head everything she told. Accordingly he stopped the money sent to his mother etc., One day during the talking he told his wife about the mother's affection from childhood and further he told that his mother's heart was totally filled with love and kindness. Immediately she asked him to get his mother's heart as to see the love and kindness inside. On her request, he as lost his own mind, went to his mother and told about his wife's request. Mother without thinking a second, by producing a knife, asked him to take the heart of her. This fool person without knowing the consequences, took her heart in his hand and gone out. While he crossed the entrance he slipped his leg and fell down, at that time, the heart told him, "Oh son! take care, have you got injured ?"

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