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    How to deal with toxic people at the workplace?

    After getting a job generally people visit their workplace daily for carrying out their work and duties. Only some IT persons or in individual type of work one gets opportunity to do it from the home. In the workplace, most of the people will be cordial and cooperative but it so happens sometimes that a few are not good and will create problems for the superiors as well as the colleagues. These people are habitual of backbiting and all other sort of inferior and evil things and create a toxic atmosphere. Simple and gullible people do not feel comfortable in the presence of these elements as they can create problems at the drop of the hat. Have you encountered with such entities ever in your workplace? How can we tackle with these people? Please share your views.
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    One should be very diplomatic while handling colleagues in their office because maintaining cordial relationship is a must to avoid unwanted tension. As I was a stenographer in a company which manufactured edible oils, I had to deal with unfriendly staff in the beginning and felt like resigning. When I told my boss about leaving the job, he advised me in various ways and taught me how to face such people. Fortunately for me , they became very close to me after a month and the atmosphere was quite relaxed. I worked at the same company for five years till I got married and shifted to Bangalore where my husband was working. Even in Bangalore I had worked in some companies and always had friendly colleagues. I thank the author of this thread for having given me the right opportunity to speak my mind and refresh my old memories.

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    We have to be within our limits. We should not be very close with some and very far to some people. We should give an impression to all that we are impartial and treat everybody equally. We should be friendly but we should not get familiarised. As far as possible, we should not discuss our personal issues with people in the office. We should not show interest in the personal matters of our colleagues.
    When we conduct ourselves in the above manner, generally, we will not face any problems with good or bad colleagues. I have seen different types of people during my career. I used to maintain sufficient distance from all the people. One or two people tried to play tricks with me but I made them stop by directly telling them what I did to other people when they tried to play with me.

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    When you change a job for your betterment, then be ready to face the hostile attitude of senior colleagues at the new work place, as they feel that our presence is the challenge to their survival and thus try to create hurdles and backbiting in all counts. Firstly they would not reveal the secret of the department and how the work done. They would withhold the important information and even documents not to have our access. They would also try to give their additional work citing that boss wants the same immediately and at the same time would pressure to complete our pending work. Such things do happen with everyone and if we are smart enough and counter them with our performance in the first instance they would get alerted and always keep in touch with higher management to check the overtures of senior staff with us.
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