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    Only real geniuses should get a chance in medicine, relevant in India's context?

    In a country of 135 crore people like India, 15-16 lakh students appear the exam for medical admission every year. On the other hand, there is a total of 75,000 medical seats available in the country, both public and private sector, with an expense burden of Rs.15 lakhs to 2.00 crores each.
    This means that the rest of the students are not suitable for medical studies. It can't be true. Because here in the number of available seats is judged with the geniuses of the student, which is very sad. In a country where people die due to lack of medical treatment but the government of the country cannot make necessary arrangements for education in the medical field. Even in various cases, uncontrolled govt. expenses are incurred, our sons and daughters will go abroad for education nothing is odd here. In the wake of the recent Russia-Ukraine war, we learned that about 20,000 Indian students went there to study medicine. There are so many Indian students in a country? What is your stand?
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    In India, the doctor to patient ratio is 1:834 according to the reply given by the Minister of State for Health in the parliament. This is as of November 2021. The recommended ratio by World Health Organisation is 1:1000. Assuming the statistics provided by the Minister to be correct, India is having a sufficient number of doctors to serve the people. I do have my own doubts as many of the doctors are going abroad after obtaining a degree.

    Just because only 75000 seats are filled out of the 15 lakh aspirants, it cannot be assumed that the rest are not suitable for the profession. In India, Medicine and Engineering courses are the most preferred as the chances to get a remunerative post or lucrative assignment abroad are possible with these two degrees. Students go to other countries to pursue a degree in Medicine as the seats available in our country are not sufficient for all the aspirants to get a seat.

    In our country, whatever the governments say, the medical facilities are very few. Those who have money can get world-class treatment. Our students go to other countries like China for a degree in medicine. If the number of medical colleges and seats in medicine are available, this situation may be averted. It is not that easy to start a medical college. It requires a hospital with 300 or 200 beds capacity to start a medical college which is highly expensive.

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    It is true that India provide opportunity to little number of students who aspires for this course every year. It is very difficult for a number of students who are brilliant in their studies. So many they try to go to foreign countries like China , Bangladesh, Ukraine, Russia, etc. Where the course fees very affordable. India needs lot of work force from doctors and nursing category. But our governments try to manage hospitals with little number of doctors and nurses as they have to incur lot of money on them as salaries. Another thing is most of the doctors who got educated in India are flying to other countries for their specialization courses and finally settling there for their higher earning. Indian government has to see that every district head quarters of any state there must be a medical college. This will help them to create more chances for aspiring Indian students to study this course and also to help India to grow strong in health field. As government has to spend a lot on each and every student of medicine, the government has to take some 5 years bond from students in order to make them compulsory to work in India for 5 years.

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    The medical entrance is very tough due to the limited seats available in India. It is not that there is the dearth of talents of the aspirants but unfortunately medical colleges are limited and has not been expanded as of late. The population has risen significantly as compared to ten years which reflect the poor management of the country in affordability of doctors to the common men. Though very brilliant should be inducted in the medical profession but to enhance the numbers of the aspirants, medical colleges need to be stepped up to cope with the present crisis. If it is not feasible, the earlier system of the doctors receiving Diploma in LMP should be continued so that they would take care of the needy people providing them medical assistance in the hours of need.

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    Every year a large number of doctors are entering the health sector in our country. From the information given in this thread we can take that figure almost about 75000 per year. That is not a small number. So why there is an apparent shortage of the doctors everywhere? To know the answer to this question let us go in some more details. Unfortunately in our country the qualified doctors shy away from the remote and interior places even when they get a doctor position in the Primary Health Centre (PHC) of the Govt. The salary of a doctor working in PHC is quite good and a good doctor who stays there for some time can really serve the people of that area.
    The young doctors join some dispensary or clinic in a big city for a small salary for some years and then start their own medical practice in a shared nursing home or a common facility. No one wants to work in a remote place because the life would be dull there. During their college life while graduating for a medical degree they have gone through dreams of a luxurious life in the cities and then how it is possible for them to go to a village after covering a dusty road for hours where there are no enjoyment facilities in the evening and holidays?
    Many of these fresh doctors join pharmaceutical companies or other health related companies just to remain in big cities. By increasing the medical seats also I do not see if any improvement would be there in this mentality.

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    The author has raised a very important post and being the parent of a MBBS student doing the final year I can give the best reply to this thread. It is the fact that India hardly has 1800 doctors seat per state and that makes this course most competitive and cannot be achieved even by long term candidate. The studies are vast, the portions are huge and every one cannot handle the same and thus govt restricted the seats. For example for the one of half year course in last phase of MBBS, there are 19 books to be studied and I bet 24 hours is not enough for student to go through and thus colleges teach them in coordinated way of video lessons and text books. And the medical degrees obtained from other countries has no takers here and one has to go through NEET again on return. The present system of education is best than other countries.
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    True. There are students who are really very intelligent and has an interest in medicine. But they are not even going to the Biology group as they know that they can't afford MBBS as their financial position is very bad. So they are studying B.Sc and making rounds around doctors as medical representatives for selling their products. That is I feel the first priority the government is having before it is to reduce the expenditure for MBBS so those poor people also will go for MBBS if they have interest and knowledge.
    The number of doctors available in India may be satisfying the WHO recommended ratio but we see the distribution of these doctors. 90% of the doctors are getting settled in cities and we will not find any good doctors in rural areas. That is a big problem. The government should ensure uniform distribution of these doctors uniformly in all areas.
    Increasing seats is one issue but the other issues mentioned above are also to be addressed to see that all will get equally good facilities for health maintenance.

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