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    Why devotees leave a fruit or vegetable in Kasi?

    Kasi is considered to be one of the sacred places by the people of India. Visiting that place once in a lifetime is the most important wish of many people of India. Dying in such a place is considered to be the most auspicious thing so that they reach heaven and there is no rebirth for them. Another thing is when they visit Kasi, many devotees leave fruit or a vegetable they like. But some devotees leave off the fruit or vegetable they don't like so that they may not eat that fruit or vegetable never in their lifetime. what is the actual theory with regard to such a practice?
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    A human being should not become a slave to desires. He should always strive for a Moksha. To get moksha, one should not worry about worldly desires and should come out of that shell and then start praying to God.
    The practice of leaving fruit and a vegetable in Kasi is created to see that a human being will know how to come out of his/her desires. So the vegetable and the fruit which we will leave at Kasi should be fruit and vegetable that we like very much.
    Actually, this is a way to teach individuals how to get detached from all these worldly desires and how to concentrate their minds on God. This will teach them how to progress well in the spiritual path leaving behind all the worldly and materialistic desires,
    This practice may help an individual to know how to change his/her mindset.

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    If we go to the our religious texts, we may find a lot of descriptions how moksha can be attained with the detachment of the worldly passion. Worldly desires cannot be eliminated unless we have the strong inclination of attaining the spiritual path.
    Leaving fruits and vegetables of our liking at Kashi is the first step of the detachment when the devotee reaches Kashi with his favourable fruits and vegetables. Offering such fruits and fruits indicates that they would give up eating such items throughout their lives.
    The second theory to live in Kashi till their deaths signifies that their soul would ultimately achieve salvation because of their living in a holy place like Kashi.

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    For that matter, Prayag, Kasi and Gaya are called the Karma Bhoomi and those who are alive must visit at least once in their life time and offer prayers and Pind to the ancestors, fore fathers, grand parents, parents, near and dear ones, relavites, friends and even pets. As such 84 Pind dhaan would be offered to signify that we have not forgotten those elders who were the reason to ensure the longevity of our family tree and thus growing. That is the reason being so those who like the vegetables, fruits, sweets and any other things are left there and would not eat the same during their life. As a mark of respect, as a token of our caring the elders we do sacrifice some food in their name and leave them at Kasi or Gaya and would not taste the same in future. This is happening since ages and even I had forgone fruit and vegetables.
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