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    Is it correct for a government employee to associate with a political party/ religious organization?

    Government employees have a great role in serving all sections of people in society. They must be impartial in carrying out their duties. I have heard that they shouldn't have any affiliation with political parties or religious organizations. In my childhood, my father used to avoid RSS like religious organizations when they tried to meet him. Why there is no freedom for Government employees to have affiliation with political parties of their liking? Is this rule followed by present-day generation employees? Can government take action on such people legally?
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    Any person working in a Govt department should not have any association with the political or religious organisation because if he has such connections then he can favour the group by virtue of his position and influence and that is against the basic policy. There had been cases where some Govt official had connections with underground organisations or mafia groups or political parties or terrorists and when the investigation revealed their connections and benefits facilitated by them to those entities then action was taken against them and they were jailed. The basic idea in this context is that if someone has connection with some group and by that he gives or gets an illegal favour then that becomes a thing to be investigated as the law has some clauses to punish such individuals. Only thing is that the allegation is to be proved with proofs in the court and the culprit would be booked. Our judiciary takes a lot of time in taking decisions on punishing a person because of the obvious reasons that highly qualified lawyers will fight for the culprits and will linger the case as much as possible. That is one reason why some people take risks and associate with groups for favours and think that law would take time and they might take a chance with it to get scot free after the delayed court proceedings. They are taking a calculated risk but it is illegal to do so.
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    It is expressly understood and even a affidavit is signed by the employee before joining govt service that he is not having any profit of interest either in political party or any religious organization. However if the govt picks any particular officer to look after any religious organization that cannot be denied. Govt employees are working for the govt and their daily activities also involves sharing of secret information between the departments and that should not be made known to others. But in these days people are occupying more than one post and all in the glare of judiciary and law enforcing agencies. For example at ECIL in Hyderabad we have husband and wife working in same organisation and same division and that is also against the govt rule, when getting a job for a single person was the great try for many.
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    There is no wrong in having associated with any religious parties or political parties in case of any one including government working people. It is their personal interest and right and nobody can prevent also. But is not good to show his anger or vengeance in his work, if the ruling party is different one he possess. Personal is entirely different from work

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    Everything is clearly pronounced in the CCS (Conduct)Rules and any Govt servant who violates the provisions is liable for strict disciplinary action. As someone has said in the earlier responses, every Central Govt. employee would take an oath in the same lines of the MP/MLAs while joining the service. It doesn't mean that he can associate to any political party or religious outfit. He should not be directly or indirectly involved in any political activity while in service.

    Same is the case with those who are in State Govt service/PSUs.


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    That is true. Any government employee should not work for any political party. He can vote for any party he likes but he can't actively participate in advertising a party or a leader. This is on paper. But many employees these days will have their own affiliations. Many times they influence the voters with their views about a party or a candidate. Last time in AP elections, I heard that majority of employees favoured YSRCP and worked against TDP. Because of their influential role, only YSRCP got so many seats.
    But it is very difficult for an employee to continue in service if they support the opposition party and they may be forced to support the ruling party and this trend is more in states rather than in the Central government.

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