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    Very soon people may consume healthy enriched fortified rice

    Most of the population of India or even for most of the people of world the main staple food is rice. In India most of the people use more polished rice for its fineness and taste. But as the outer cover of rice grain is removed during polishing , the nutritive value of rice is lost. This leads to lot of health issues to the people of India. Indian scientists developed a technology to enrich polished rice with iron, folic acid, B12 and other micronutrients. Indian government approved standard fortification formula for enriching rice. By 2024 Indian government likely to supply such fortified rice to public through ration system, rice supplied to midday meal program for schools and even to general public. This enrichment of rice will help to improve health condition of Indian people.
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    Polished rice loses its minerals and vitamins which are generally available in its husk and intermediate parts. It makes sense to go for unpolished rice though it might look raw and rough. People generally do not like the rough rice because of the inferior taste. It is a good news that Govt is taking some steps in this direction to compensate the natural loss in polished rice by fortifying it with vitamins. It is something like that milk dairies in our country are doing while making milk powder out of the raw milk for use of the babies and children and fortify it with minerals and vitamins. When natural foods are tempered with our machines and equipments then we have to compensate the natural minerals and vitamins by artificially adding them to the product. Let us hope that these efforts will bring better health in the people who are consuming these items. Health of the people is a matter of big concern for any Govt.
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    In villages we call it Puzhugal arisi , that means boiled rice which is also good for health and on par with the fortified variety of rice. But many are not aware of the same and instead of using for daily meal, the people are using the same for Idly and Dosa batter making and the taste would be good. Even the elders are against the usage of pressure cooker for rice and it would take away the strength of the rice and what we eat is residue. That is the reason being so when we eat cooker rice. we tend to eat more because the rice lost strength and the taste. But the new method of infusing iron, folic acid and B 12 and other nutrients to call as fortified rice seems to be big process and already premium rice costs at 55 per kg, and what the author says that this would be available by 2024 and would surely cost 80 per kg.
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    The white rice we eat is polished rice and it will be a carbohydrate only and will have not have any nutrition values. But the brown rice which will not be wit will have some nutrients as detailed by the author. In the olden days, many people were used to this brown rice only. Those days these rice are obtained by pounding. The rice contained will not be very white.
    Instead of making white rice and then enriching the white rice, why can't we use this pounded rice. Of course, there may be some differences in taste. But the synthetic process that these scientists developed may have some side effects also and we will come to know them only when we use them. I think the government should think about using the old brown pounded rice.

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