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    Do you have virtual friends?When they stop communicating do you miss them?

    Virtual friendship is quite different from the way you make friends in a traditional manner. In the internet age of today many people get acquainted with someone whom they have never seen in their life. Suddenly,if the person goes incognito, we might fell anxious to know the missing persons whereabouts. One such example is SUN who was a valuable and most sought after member of ISC.Dear Members,when I came to know about his demise from Vandana,iI felt as though I have lost a family member. He was my virtual friend whom I had neither seen nor spoken with. In fact I had not even checked his profile. Some good Samaritans leave a long lasting impression in our life. No doubt ISCian SUN is one among them.
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    Though we have not seen each other, but the way the close bonding takes place in this site, some members are very near and dear to us and their one day absence in this channel is also felt that we have lost something. And the sudden demise of Sun alias Sundaram was very shocking and we know he was the most vocal and most critic person who does not hesitate to write comments in rave manner and that made him more sought after in this site. We both had tiff on many issues in this forum and that was part of matter based comments and there were some serious blamings to which I has abstained myself for few months. Nevertheless when we lose a person who was so impressive in all counts, we feel that something is lost heavily and we cannot bear it. Let him have good peace after death. Let the family members get courage to sustain the loss.
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    While working in various sites in the internet I have come across many virtual entities and with some of them I have got some attachment or attraction just because of their writing style or any such other trait and sometimes I have interacted with them by email also. But it is only in the reputed sites that we should go to that extent. Otherwise there are millions of dubious sites in the internet where people chat and make so many virtual friends only to be cheated and deceived at a later date. So we all have to be very careful while working in the internet because whatever we are observing about the person is his online image and nothing else. The big question is whether his image conforms to his physical personality or not which we can only asses when we meet him. So the point is that online friendship is good but any extra attraction and infatuation may lead us to a disastrous situation. The lesson is tread carefully.
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    These days many of us are having many virtual friends. But all of them may not be very near to us. I never know Mohan before joining ISC. But after joining ISC somehow we developed some intimacy. We both stay in Hyderabad. We became friends and If I have not seen his posts I will call him and if he has not seen my posts he will call me. Sometimes we may talk with each other. I think he is my best virtual friend.
    In the same way, I met one person who belongs to my native place and settled in the USA, on Facebook. We became close as my father and his father were friends but he is younger than me and never met him in my native place. We will be talking once in a while and last time when he came to Hyderabad, we met each other in Hyderabad.
    I also felt very bad when I came to about the demise of SUN. I felt that I have a lost good companion. We never met each other but we have many interactions in the Forum section of this site. So really I felt that I lost a good friend of mine.

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