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    Automatic flushing of public toilets, schools toilets, and office toilets with water and liquid!

    The virus can spread from one location to another, and it will spread more in unsanitary areas. Because manpower is not always available for various reasons, cleanliness in public places such as schools, colleges, government offices, and public offices is not always sufficient. Using robotic technology, we can flush all toilets at once with liquid and water at least twice daily. So, with a little manual intervention, hygiene will be maintained. Solar energy can be used to generate electricity. It is especially important in schools because children are easily infected and spread the virus.
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    That is true. In many schools and colleges, the washrooms are not maintained properly. But in shopping complexes, cinema halls extra the same is maintained very neatly. The difference is that in cinema halls and shopping complexes, there will be automatic flush arrangements. After every use, the water will get flushed. If the same systems are introduced in schools and colleges also they will be very neat. In that water, a little disinfectant liquid can be mixed so that students need not worry. But the main issue is in government organisations these facilities are not provided and even if provided also they are not being maintained properly.
    The authorities in education department of the State governments should see that the facilities are provided in all schools and colleges and they should make provisions for maintaining them in conditions.

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    A good thought by the author. Actually in many places these things have already started and are found useful. In our country everything is massive, of course due to our huge population. Whatever we do it is to be done in a very large volume. Any scheme when cumulated over the whole country ranges to thousands of crores. State Govt should be more alert and cautious for the sanitation and cleanliness programmes as depending on centre or blaming it would not be a correct thing. Municipal boards require a major revamping and restructuring in their working and have to come out of their traditional ways of cleanliness. Citizens have to treat the Govt property as their own and should bring the people to book who damage these sanitary and cleanliness installations especially in isolated places. These schemes can only be successful when we treat these modern technology things just like our household items which are well maintained because we take their full care.
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    Very good suggestion from the author. During the pandemic we felt the need of those staff who are supposed to maintain the public toilets, schools and college toilets and without them it was difficult to maintain. What the author suggested holds good and Ministry of Non Conventional Energy must evolve a national program through which the public toilets and other places of interest including the govt offices be maintained through robotic flushing technology , that would be great initiative as the central govt is giving more thrust on swatchtha and swatch Bharat for sure,.and even the railways need to maintain the hygiene as often there is complaint galore that toilets are not maintained properly and some trains have solar system and that can be used to clean the toilets and even wash the train regularly.
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    The flushing system should be effective and it must flush out periodically to keep the urinal and toilet areas clean as seen in malls and big shopping complexes. The flushing system has been designed in such a way that it will start its operation once the cycle of cleaning is over. Of late robot technology is being used for the efficient cleaning purposes of the required spots. We need not keep additional man power to ensure that the system is working up to our satisfaction. At least, we can maintain Swatch Bharat with the proper use of this technology. However, it will take some more time to see the same operational throughout the country. By the time, it becomes fully functional, the local governing bodies should come forward to keep cleaning system in perfect order.

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