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    Is the character of Radha there in Bhagavad Gita?

    When we think about Lord Krishna, one important character that comes into our mind is Radha. But it appears that the character of Radha is not at all there in the original Maha Bhagavatam. But this character is very prominent in many Upa Puranas of Bhagavata. When this character is not at all there in the original epic, why the writers of Upa Puranas have given more importance to this character? Why Bhagavad Gita and Bhagavata scriptures were written separately? What is the importance of these scriptures? Why different authors have deviated from the original Bhagavatam in their writings?

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    Kunti is the real mother of Karna and in fact elder than the Pandavas and having let out in the box after birth in the river, and then spotted, nurtured by Radha the washerwoman, Karna is called Radhe. Likewise when Krishna was in teens, he comes across character Radha and she is most beautiful and even graceful to look and therefore Krishna has soft corner for her. When the time comes for the Krishna to part with Radha that was painful for her and she cannot leave him. Without Radha there is no Krishna in the childhood and later at the Kurukshetra, it was Krishna who makes known the strength of Radhe or Karna to Arjun and thus wilfully make him to die through pouncing on arrow when the chariot was struck and while removing he was attacked and killed. Krishna has huge respect for Karna always.
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    Radha was very special to Lord Krishna and he used to play the flute for her very often . However, they never got married. Lord Krishna made sure that before uttering his divine name, his devotees should call her name. That is why many people say 'Radhe Krishna' when they greet each other. There is another character called Radha who had brought up Karna. Mahabharath is a very holy epic of high value. Only a person who has read Bhagawatham as well as Mahabharath will be able to comment on this topic in a proper manner.

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    Radha's character is there in Bhagavatam. Once we go through the original Bhagavatam and Potana'a Telugu Bhagavatam we will find this character. Bhagavat Gita is in Mahabharatam. Actually, Bhagavatam is completly dedicated to Krishna's life and his activities. In that epic also there is a mention of Pandavas and Kauravas but in brief. In this epic, importance was given to Pandavas and their life. So the role of Krishna is also prominent in this. Bhagavadgita is a part of the Kurukshetra war and hence will appear there in Bharatam. In Bharatam the history of Krishna will be briefly given but not fully like in Bhagavatam.
    Radha's role is a very important role in Mahabhagavatam. The character of Radha, the mother who nurtured Karna is a different character. The character Radha that is being talked about by the author is different she is the friend of Krishna.

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