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    Are some people hoarding clothes in their wardrobes? Is it not a bad habit?

    Well.It is something which is being noticed among some people who have surplus money which they splurge on buying clothes that too branded ones and do not even wear them very often. In addition, they do not want to part with those dresses which occupy their space. It is such an eyesore when anybody looks at those clothes. Some people encourage them to give them off to the needy but the clothes are never parted with. In fact, more and more new additions are stacked or some even buy an additional wardrobe to accommodate them.Why do some humans do that? Have you ever come across anyone who has this habit? Let us make it an hypothetical issue and discuss about it?
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    It is the fact that some people are so crazy in having many clothes in their wardrobe and still want to try clothes of others. One of our relative has three cupboards of sarees and she is only person wearing the saree and has the best collections either purchased or got as gift being important person of the family. But she has one bad habit, as soon as she spots a attractive or good looking saree in others possession, she would surely lend it for a day and wear. Really crazy as such. When people are not having even pair of clothes to wear and some people are wasting their money and hoarding the same in wardrobes. And what is more disgusting that they would not part with any saree to anyone who visits their own and thus proves that they have some ulterior motive to hoard the sarees may to boast that have good collections.
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    Money makes the mare go. In this case money is simply crowding the wardrobe. Some people have interest and craze for wearing different types of dresses on different occasions. If they have money they would go on buying the fashionable dresses and wear them and flaunt them. Some of them discard their old dresses and give it to the needy or orphanage but others have no time to do that even and go on accumulating the dresses of various kinds. I have seen some people who change their dresses three times a day while we mortals change it once in 2-3 days. For some people it becomes an addiction to wear the different dresses and they switch from one attire to other quickly and frequently.
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    Should we, actually be bothered? It is their money, their wardrobe, their interest and their wish. We cannot expect every rich person to be a philanthropist. I agree that it is an avoidable practise but as long as we are not directly affected, I don't think we need to worry. Some people like to have a collection of different clothes in different colours and fashions, some have a liking for jewellery, some for footwear and so on. They may not get the chance to wear them every time but the point is that they want to enjoy the luxury of choosing the appropriate dress and accessories for any ocassion. Again for some, it is just a hobby. You might have heard about the collection of footwear the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Smt Jayalalithaa, had!
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    It all depends on the interest and the resources available to him. When a person is having an interest in a particular aspect, whatever he spends for that will never be considered as a waste.
    I used to have a fancy for collecting pens. I used to purchase different types of pens and I use to have a minimum of 100 ball pens in my house in a tray. Here the question is not the cost. The interest. I might not have written a lot with all those pens. Later on, I gave them to my next generation people. But even today I will have at least a dozen pens in my bag.
    Generally, ladies will be having the habit of wearing different types of sarees in marriages and other functions. They will not use them regularly as the clothes may warn out easily. They will attend the function. come back and get all those dresses dry cleaned and keep them inside.

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