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    Looking for relatives for their own needs only

    This society has a very diverse character. We are living together here. But a strange thing is that some relatives often prefer to stay away from others according to their status and they do not even know the news of other relatives. But when it comes to their own needs, such as various religious or family programs, property sales etc, then they are remembered. In many cases, during such times, they desperately try to get connected to their kith and kin at any cost. In many cases, disputes also arise. Explain if you have any practical experience of this type.

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    Unfortunately the relatives are the most confused people in our life and their behavior is not known even before any event or occasion and for me they are just people and not relatives. In the recently held marriage of my niece, when I had personally gone to invite some of the close relatives to the marriage, they did not attend and complained that the girl parents should have invited and not the Mama or uncle. This is ridiculous, as both my sister and brother in law are aged, cannot drive vehicle and thus we helped to which the relatives are naming the cause. Nevertheless the same relatives who came on the other occasion were all in praise for the daughter as my sister sent to them the saree and dhoti as customary gift for the elders and she was convinced about good marriage and then heaped praise on my sister.
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    Relatives are supposed to be having cordial and social relations among them. In earlier times it was a common trend but now the situation is totally changed. Nowadays relatives are assessing each other based on their financial condition as well as their position in Govt or industry. It is often seen that the rich relatives do not bother for the poor ones and only call them when something is required to be done in their presence because of the social and traditional rituals. This trend is definitely in a bad taste. The real relatives are those who respect the relations over the financial condition. They will come for help immediately when a person in relation is in distress and requires help.
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    Although my relatives are very friendly and helpful, I do not ask any kind of favor from them very often. However, I know some of my contacts who had been left alone when a helping hand was needed.This happens with many people especially when they are poor. Relatives of them become scared that they would have to lend them money because of which they stay aloof and do not respond to their phone calls. Even some who are affluent do not even invite the close relative who do not have status in the society. This is very shameful. We do not carry name , fame or money when we leave this world. My policy is not to depend on any one, be it a relative or friends but believe in God and pray to him to help you when you need help. Also help others when someone asks for it and feel contented that you have done something good which would make the almighty happy.

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    This happens. When everything is going on well, some people will never bother about other friends or relatives. But when they feel that one of their relatives or friends can help them, they will never hesitate to go and be after them and see that their work is done. They are more self-centred minded. Such people should remember that every dog will have its own day. So when you require their help they may not help you. That is when somebody requires our help we should help them. In fact, we should be ready to help even unknown people if we are in a position to help them.
    I know a person in our native place who helped many of his relatives to get their children educated and now all those children were grown up and settled well. Many of those people who got help from that person are now helping to some poor people.

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