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    Who is responsible for the death of an Indian student in Ukraine?

    Just as war is not desirable to anyone, death is a matter of great sorrow. The victim of the Russia-Ukraine war is one of our fourth-year medical students. As soon as the news came, all Indian minds became overwhelmed with sorrow.
    Our foreign secretary has called Ambassadors of Russia and Ukraine to reiterate the demand for urgent safe passage for Indian nationals who are still in Kharkiv and cities in other conflict zones.
    Our government is working on wartime activities to bring everyone back. Opposition parties, on the other hand, are desperate to put pressure on the government. My question is who is responsible for this loss of life?
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    Though it is unfortunate that a student from Bangalore was killed in the ongoing bombing of Ukraine by Russia, it may be noted here that during the war crisis, there is no rules followed and what ever is said is also not followed. When the war cloud is on why that particular student has gone out to fetch food and he was warned not to go out. So the student alone responsible for the death and for the military forces of either side they are ruthless when they find some one against them and try to kill for no reason and just rejoice. Moreover everyone was given ample time to shift to shelters of no war zone or get away to borders so that they can be transported to other countries for asylum or back to country. In this back drop if people choose to stay there and seek for food from outside, the bad things are going to happen.
    K Mohan
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    It is really a sad matter that one Indian student has died in Ukraine under the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia. War is a very extreme situation and anything can happen when war takes place. All the residents which fall within the area of war get affected to more or less extent. A large number of citizens have fled to other countries from Ukraine. Millions are displaced within Ukraine. Many innocent people have died caught in the bomb shelling at various places. We have already seen two big wars that is WW-I and WW-II and if this does not get controlled soon it can convert in WW-III and then what would be the situation in the world? There will be no place to go as everywhere war would make its shadow. Deteriorating relations between the countries and sometimes the ambitions of a particular country are the reasons behind all the wars and that is only responsible for the death of the innocents and common people around the globe.
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    The mindless carnage by Russia should be blamed first for the plight of the Indian students and others. Let us put aside the reasons for invasion. The attack on civil lines is not treated as a military operation. The neutral stand taken by some countries at this juncture is also not correct. Watching for one or two days of the war , the trend should have been understood and a stern warning could have been given by the rest of the community to save the mankind. It doesn't mean that I am supporting Ukraine but the way in which their leader has responded at the time of war is praiseworthy.

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    Though this is not the right time to play blame-game, I personally feel that the death and the physical and mental stress undergone by our students in Ukraine could have been averted if our Government had acted on time. It was not as if the war broke out one midnight suddenly. It was looming around for quite some time and it was known to the authorities that a war is imminent. They should have taken action to evacuate our students or should have asked them to return before the war erupted. I don't think any government is unaware of the possible difficulties that would come up in evacuating our people from a war zone. Not that it is impossible but the trauma and pressure could have been avoided if it was done earlier. If I am not mistaken, many countries, including the US, had asked their students to get back well before the war started. What were we waiting for? In addition to this, the government also failed to regulate the airline rates before the war because due to the high rates, which was increased when the war was about to start, students who wanted to return on their own found it difficult due to financial constraints.

    All that apart, the point put forth by the unfortunate father of the student who got killed needs to be thought about seriously. He said that his son who was an intelligent student had to be sent abroad for studies due to the high fees and donations prevailing in the professional education sector in India.

    # Mohan, please desist from coming up with such childish responses just to save the face of the party for which you have a blind infatuation.

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    My nephew who is working in Ukraine was evacuated by the company in the second week of February due to the tension prevailing in Ukraine. He was asked to work from home and asked to return in the last week of February. Due to the war which broke out, he stayed back in India. The government should have initiated the steps to evacuate all the Indians a little early.

    It is unfortunate that Modiji used even the late evacuation in an election rally in Uttar Pradesh. According to "The Wire", an online news portal, Ex-Prime Minister V.P . Singh, evacuated more than one lakh Indians trapped in Kuwait due to Iraq's 1990 invasion of that country. He never made any advertisement of it. He did it as a duty of the Prime Minister.

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    Very unfortunate. Who is at fault? Different people will have different ideas and they will have their own reasons. But the family of the student who died in Ukraine will be at a big loss and who can fill the gap there. No one.
    There may be many ifs and buts. But these are only to have a discussion and the loss can't be filled.
    Russia expressed its grief over the death of an Indian Student and told that they will conduct an enquiry into the death. They told that they will work together with India and see that all Indias will fly back to India and they even suspended the war for a period of six hours. This they might have done long back and seen that all Indians might have vacated Ukraine.
    War is never desirable. All countries should follow a peace path and settle their issues amicably. In addition to the countries involved in the war directly, many other countries may also suffer a set back.

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    Members have been pointing out the mistake of Indian govt in deciding to bring the evacuated students to India for being late and there are certain formalities and logistics difficulties to transport the evacuees and thus nothing can happen in huff. Moreover what Russia has been saying that the Indian students were held as hostages by Ukraine and not providing food and other basics and thereby the student tried to venture out and attacked. Nevertheless Indian govt has been doing stupendous task and even the Air Force special cargo plane has been pressed into service to bring in more students and approximately 20,000 students need to be transported back and India has been doing best. Since the work of evacuation was satisfactory even Rahul Gandhi has gone mute and does not speak about appreciation.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Russians are responsible in the first place for the death of the student. In a civilized world who gave Russia the authority to invade another sovereign country Ukraine? Why Russia is not condemned in the first place? Such a country needs to be segregated from the rest of the world and taught a good lesson by non cooperating with that country in all matters. They should be brought to their knees.

    Why do some people go overboard to defend the late evacuation plans? What interest did they have? Now they come up with cock and bull stories. How do you believe the words of the aggressor that Indians are held as hostages? Why the Government of India did not press into service more planes to evacuate them a little earlier? I do accept that the government is trying, by all means, to evacuate the Indians stuck in Ukraine. The efforts should have been made a little earlier.

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