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    Jokes to relax this day

    1) Wife: Have you ever visited Russia or Ukraine?
    Husband: No
    Wife: Do you have any relatives therein?
    Husband: No, ma!
    Wife: Do you have any plan to live there?
    Husband: Never, why?
    Wife: Then? Give me the remote!

    2) Mother: Schools have reopened after covid? Why are you meddling with your mobile without getting ready?
    Son: I am searching for the way to my school in google ma!

    3) A patient was referred by a doctor for an X-ray on his complaint of stomach pain.
    X-ray was taken and a cockroach was found in his stomach.
    The doctor was shocked to see this and immediately arranged for an operation.
    After the operation was over, the doctor send a report to the x-ray clinic. The note said: The
    patient's belly was normal. The cockroach must have been there in your x-ray machine.
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    WOW. After seeing the report of the doctor what are the feelings of the patient, if we imagine we can't stop our laughter. A very good joke. As usual, the author has presented good jokes. I liked the second one very much. Once in a will for relaxation, this type of threads are needed.
    always confident

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