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    Should there be a separate section for the dull students in schools?

    It is quite common to find fast learners as well as slow learners in schools. While the intelligent and smart students get all the praise and good grades, the so-called dull students are not given much importance. The teachers wonder how to make them learn fast and do their class work well. Some people feel it is better to group the dull students and put them in a separate section. Don't you think this would have an adverse effect on them and they would become slower in picking up lessons taught in classrooms?

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    The author is posting a right issue in the needy hour. As many children, after the covid gap, in the level of forgetting subjects and even alphabets. I put this in person to the teachers of a school wherein my brother's daughter is studying. She is studying in a government high school. Her class teacher and some associate teachers talked to me very friendly and agreed my view about the screening back from basic and making the students out of fear or confusion. They told me that they are planning to do some bridge classes to them. It was very nice to hear. It should be done in all schools and parents should also co-operate in this regard.

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    In a school there are at least three to four sections for each class and that is nothing but students are divided into various sections according to the intelligent quotient and learning capacity. A section would have intelligent students who are preferably toppers from other classes and even from other schools. B section would be average students from other class and other schools. And C section would be dullers and below average students who need to be given great care and the teaching would be with special teacher who has the capacity to change the mood of the child from the dull to superlative learning and thus we have seen toppers even in C section classes and that proves the ability of each child to excel provided good teaching is imparted. The schools need to take care of this and arrange accordingly.
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    In Intermediate corporate colleges, the administration will the students into groups. Each group will have about 10 students and they will attach each group to one teacher and he will monitor them very closely. While making these groups they will see that all the students will be almost at the same level only. This system will definitely work well and they will get maximum output. So without telling the students the ways of grouping them the administration will do that so that there will not be any negative effect.
    When we group all the students of the almost same level and put them as a group, there will not be any negative effect. But the teachers should take special care while teaching them so that they will also understand the lessons properly and the teachers should take more in teaching them.

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    Generally in any class in the school there will be a mix of the students. A few of them will be extraordinarily brilliant while most of them will be mediocre students and again some of the students will be very weak in studies. In many schools specially in private schools there there are some tutorial classes or extended classes for the weak students. This is generally done in order to bring those students at par with the other students so that the weak students do not get an inferior complex inside them which might affect their studies. I think school should do this practice and it will be very helpful for the weak students. If we neglect the students who are weak in studies then they will not be able to come up to the standards which are required today for qualifying in exams and making a career in future. In fact these weak students generally join some private tuition classes also for improving their knowledge and learning.
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    Students who are good in their studies will naturally get good grades and will be praised but I doubt whether dull students will be neglected. Teachers will pay more attention to them even if it may be for the sake of ensuring a good result for the school.

    Students whose IQ may be less than others are generally taken care of and special attention is given to them provided (provided), they have the interest to study and show the inclination to improve. Students who are not keen to study and does not show any interest to improve and correct their ways may not be paid much attention because teachers may start feeling that their efforts are being wasted unnecessarily.

    Students who are backward in studies must be made to sit with others and attend the classes so that they feel motivated to put in more hard work to catch up with the others. Teachers will have to sow the seeds of competition in them and raise their confidence level to a point when they would start feeling that they can also get good grades. Those who are intentional shammers and have no interest in studying will be a burden to the teachers as well as the schools and very little can be done about them.

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