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    Do you have a good handwriting?

    In the digital world of today, schools still make primary students practice their handwriting. However, some people think that when people grow up they would not use paper and pen but only type on their devices. Some have illegible handwriting and get scolded by their teachers because reading such answer sheets is quite challenging. Do you have good or bad handwriting?
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    Unfortunately I am very poor at hand writing and sometimes, I could not understand myself as to what was written and has to correlate the next word to arrive at the exact meaning of the sentence. Such is the horrible handwriting as the touch has gone since 35 years and sparingly I write the diary of events and some calculations to which handwriting is not necessary. It is generally said that those who are good at handwriting, they are bad at their fate and vice versa. Some are very intelligent as they try to write only capital letters so that their handwriting cannot be mistaken for any spelling errors. My wife and daughter are having good handwriting, whereas my son and myself are having bad handwriting. Nevertheless one should have legible good handwriting so that others could understand and not like doctors scribbling.
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    It is an interesting question.
    When I was a schoolboy I always wrote two or three pages writing daily to improve my handwriting. This is because my handwriting is not so good nor so bad, It was average. I felt worst when the class teacher told me about it but when I compared my handwriting with my classmates not more different. now my handwriting has become a bit good.

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    My handwriting is good since my schooldays. My mother used to write in beautiful style and that art came to me also. I used to get some extra marks for my handwriting and cleanliness. Our school used to publish a yearly magazine written by hand only and display it in our school library. I was one of the five students selected for that job in the last year of my school studies. I was given a certificate for this also.
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    My handwriting not extraordinary but it's good enough to give clean impression. We used to have copywriting practice in our school times. Teachers never complained about my handwriting at any stage. I didn't gave much practice to make my handwriting extraordinary. At school level only, students have to give much importance to improve their handwriting. At one stage or the other stage even the present generation students also have to depend on handwriting. Good handwriting always promotes understanding skills and other thinking skills of student. So developing good handwriting is an important aspect of a student in education.

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    I was having a very good handwriting in Hind as well as English language during my school times. When I was doing my graduation one of my Maths professor asked me whether I could write his rough book on hydrodynamics in legible Hindi language so that it can be sent to the publisher for publishing. It seemed to be a herculean task to me but after consulting with my father I took that challenging task and completed it in 6 months by devoting 3-4 hours per week. My professor was very happy with me for the service rendered. I was also benefited because when I appeared in my final exam then as I had written all the questions myself in that draft book, I learnt them in the process along with the class lectures that the professor delivered and I scored very high marks in that paper. It pulled my percentage up and I was the number one student as regards to total score in exam during that year in that college. So my good handwriting gave me that opportunity and good results.
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    My handwriting was very good. When I was in primary school, my mother used to see that daily I will write two or three pages neatly. We used to have handwriting books and copy books. We used to write one page in each book and we used to have three books. One book was an English copybook, 2nd book was a Telugu copybook and the third one was a Hindi copybook. That helped me in improving my handwriting. My school teachers used to appreciate my handwriting a lot. I maintained the same handwriting for a long time. But slowly the need for writing with hand has come down. In the office, I used to have steno to whom I used to dictate letters. Later on, I started working on my laptop. But still whatever little I write I write very neatly and nicely only. I can write all three languages in the same way only. I am more comfortable with the English language.
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