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    How do you deal with the breakdown of household appliances?

    Nowadays most households possess washing machines, heaters, mixers, grinders and many other appliances. However, some of them suddenly go out of order and we have to get them repaired immediately. Even the branded products break down during the warranty period itself. But after that, we need to call the company several times to get it repaired. How often do you face such a situation at your home and how do you deal with it?

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    Nowadays anything has to get repaired means is a costly affair. For very simple repair also a minimum of Rs.500 charged by service personnel. It is always better for us to buy a good branded item instead of going for cheap item. In long run they will trouble much. If the item is in warranty, we can call the company service personnel. It is always better to call company service personnel only so that the exact replacement parts will be available with them. Most of my household equipments like washing machine, fridge, TV, AC, geyser, mixer etc. are branded only and so they are not giving much trouble. Before the start of season, the AC has to be serviced and some times gas has to be filled. Maintenance of AC is a costly affair. Sometimes the blades in mixer may get broken and we repaired it in nearby shop of our colony. The remaining equipment rarely gives trouble.

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    In our households the number of gadgets is ever increasing. Time to time we would find that something is not working. For everything calling the company person is not practicable and they charge also very high. My experience is that in every city or even in town there are some technicians who are well experienced in repairing the various gadgets and if we can find about them through our friends or social media then best course is call them and get the things repaired. If they are not able to do it then only we should call the expert company person. In my town, once just strolling in the market, in one lane, I found a shop where 3-4 people were busy repairing various types of gadgets and they had a big inventory of old discarded items from which they were taking out parts and fitting in the appliance that is given them for repair. I was surprised by their work. Only thing is they do not give home service as they get a lot of work in their shop itself. So we have to take the appliance to them. So if one explores in one's town or city definitely there will be people who can do these repairs at a reasonable cost.
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    It would be real problem for any household to cope with breakdown of appliances and if that happens while the work is going on, then it would be more tension. The other day my wife was telling that the big burner of the gas stove was giving less flame and need to be repaired and being working day, I postponed to next day, but the stove got into more problem and evening cooking was stalled. Then I decided to repair the same but the shopkeeper suggested to go for new one as he would take the old stove for exchange and that was good deal as I hardly spent 800 rupees and got new as the repairing cost was 490 he told. So sometimes we postpone the repairs and that ends in purchasing new and if it is affordable we can go for it. But for washing machine, fridge and other things we need to wait for the company mechanic.
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    It is always better to have an appliance from the authorised dealers since they can provide you the backup service in case of need. The service engineers would drop in to our residence to see what has gone wrong with the appliance and they would change the faulty part with minimal prices or no cost if the same is within the warranty period.
    Normally branded products provide service uninterruptedly for years without giving any trouble but the cheap products if purchased can be later nuisance if defects are noticed in one or more parts with time. Hence it is always better to go in for the reliable products available in the market.

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    In our colony, there is an electrician, plumber, civil mason and welder. They are all very well known to me. I have their phone numbers and they will recognise my number. So if there is any repair I call them and they will come and do the needful. They are very reliable. So I never bargain with them and I will pay them the amount as per their charges. Sometimes we will be facing problems with our RO plant. But a mechanic of the same came in contact with me and he gave me his phone number. Similarly, I have an AC mechanic. So I have no problem with this.
    But as the equipment becomes old the number of repairs increases. So I try to dispose of them off and purchase new ones. But these days the repair costs also increased and we have to pay higher amounts for repair, So we have to make a decision about discarding the item at any appropriate time.

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