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    There is always a scope for improvement

    Life is a journey in which we continuously go on learning and acquiring newer and newer knowledge to our already existing kitty. There is no stopping point in that. Some people feel that they have already acquired sufficient knowledge, talent, and skills and that is more than enough to manage the life today as well as in future. They also feel that what is the use of acquiring additional knowledge when we cannot earn more with that. They are happy in their own ways in their own situations.
    I have a feeling that we should not have a stagnation or stopping point in this respect in our lives. Learning is itself a great achievement and pleasure. At every stage there is a scope of improvement in our knowledge and skills. We should not link it to simply earning in our lives. What do the members feel about this? Please share your views.
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    When I was writing to the ISC forum some time back, one of the relative of my age, laughed at me for participating in such discussion and hoisting posts and also responding which he feels nothing comes out of it and further said that it is time pass activity. What ever it, I am getting knowledge, and that is enhancing everyday, I am sharing what ever I know, and coming across new information which is a must update for today's living. But some people does not know this and they think simply reading the paper is enough and not even deliberating the news to others is no life. What I feel that irrespective of age and place, one must be always open to new knowledge and know how and that would pave way for participating and discussing issues with anybody at any time. When there is scope for improvement why should we deny?
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    Yes. There will be a chance for improvement always. We need not think that we have reached the pinnacle. There will be always stairs to climb further.
    I know a carpenter who is a very skilled technician. He works very accurately and makes the articles very perfectly. He will not be happy if any small difference is there in his making. Even we say to leave it as it is also, he will not accept. He will redo it till he is satisfied and he says if the article made by him was not good, he will get a bad name. If we see the article made by him it looks so nice and he maintains the quality very well.
    Every person should have that interest to improve his skills and become perfect to the maximum possible extent. If we satisfy with whatever we know we can't progress well in our path. So we should concentrate on acquiring new skills and improving the skills on which we are already working.

    always confident

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