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    What do you do with spoiled household consumable material?

    In our daily life, we use so many consumable materials like vegetables, fruits, groceries, milk, etc. But these materials get spoiled in different ways. Even though we may take utmost care in their storage this may happen. The groceries may get infested with pests, vegetables and fruits may get rotten or dried, milk may get sour, etc. For example, the solid obtained from sour milk can be utilized to prepare a sweet, the sour curd or buttermilk can be used in making hot punugulu, etc. Likewise, how can we best utilize some of the household consumables that get partly or completely spoiled?
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    As far as possible care has been taken in maintaining the consumable items and there must be tow on their usage before it gets into damage mode. For example we know that leafy vegetables if kept without opening the bundle would get spoiled. So we do that we take out each bundle and remove the leaves from the stem and store in the vessel so that it stays fresh. With stem the leafy vegetables may get spoiled. Likewise the onions should be left to air and not to be kept in closed container. Preferably with see through hangers, the onions must be kept in dry place. As regards milk, that should be heated up time and again to prevent it from sour or breaking. if the milk gets sour, then we use it for for a sort of upma added with rice flour. So it all depends on the experience and expertise of the households in dealing with items before spoiling.
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    Vegetable waste and spoiled fruit wastes can be used in making compost for the garden. Dried coriander, curry leaves, pudina, Methi leaves can be used to grind into powder. They can also be used if fresh leaves are not available. Dried ginger can be powdered and can be used in preparation of tea. From ripened vegetables, seeds can be collected and dried to use in sowing in garden. Spoiled lemons can be used in cleaning utensils.

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    There are many ways to use these items. In our house, we have a separate room and that is given for our servant maid. Whatever excess material is thereafter after our eating will be given to her so that it will not get spoiled.
    We made a small pit in one corner of the open area of our house and whatever vegetable waste and fruit waste are there, they will be put into that and that will become compost. By any chance, if the milk is getting sour we will use the same to make the Rasagulla type of sweet. Excess buttermilk will be used to make Majjiga Pulusu. If the material got completely spoiled and not usable we will put it in wet waste and give it to the waste collector. The medicines whose expiry date is over will be kept those tablets to the plants.

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    As the proverb goes'Prevention is better than cure', it is always better to make sure that commodities which are perishable are not thrown into the thrash bin. If at all anything is totally spoiled ,there is no other alternative other than discarding off as early as possible. When I throw out some eatables, I sincerely pray to God to pardon me for the sin of wasting food while some people sleep without food for need of money. I have wasted food earlier and even now the guilt of having wasted it haunts me.

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