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    Do you have the habit of foretelling the story when watching movie or serial ?

    Some audience are so experienced in their lives that they would perceive the story before hand and even tell others that what would be the next scene. Not that they have seen the movie before hand or the serial having seen in the internet. Out of experience the Indian audience were habituated enough to foretell the next scene based on the directors ability to take the scene to next level. But some of the movies and serials are totally different when the next scene would happen very tragic and not on expected lines. Are you one such type of person to take the story further suggesting the director?
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    I never do that. When I start watching a movie I will get into it completely and enjoy the movie. Even I will not talk to the people who came with me to the movie. Till the movie is over I will not even think about the storyline and all that. I never hear movie stories from others. Even they want to tell I will say I am not interested and tell them not to tell me the stories.
    But some people enjoy telling stories to others. I have one friend who used to watch almost every Telugu movie and he used to narrate the story word to word to other people. He used to come and start telling me the story but I used to stop saying that I have some important work.
    If we came to know the story in advance we will not have an interest in watching that movie. So we should never try to ask somebody's narrate the story.

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