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    A loved career or a stable career, What will you choose?

    Everyone has dreams growing up of what they would want to become when they grow up. These desires change over time or remain constant. Career choices are very important in an individual's life and therefore they are often advised to take them very seriously after a lot of thought processes. Many times we desire to have a career that might not be successful or enough for our sustenance but it will be something we desire and love doing. On the other hand, there might be a career we pursue that isn't exactly what we wanted for ourselves but in the long run, it is something with the most stable outcomes. Here comes the dilemma of an individual, as to whether they would choose a career they love or a career that is stable. What would be your decision?
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    In India getting a job itself is a big problem. Generally if a candidate they get any post to lead their life will be happy. If a candidate get his/her desired post they will be double happy. One thing has to be remembered by anybody is whatever post they get they have to do justice for it. In case, if they want to achieve their desired post they have to acquire the required qualifications and have to grab them. Without doing that simply pondering over it and doing justification to the present job is not at all desirable. For example, engineering students any specialization they study, finally most of the students settle with software jobs only. They will be happy as they are getting good salaries even though they are not working in the course whatever they study. So ultimately money rules the world.

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    These are the days when we have to accept realities and get adjusted to the job that we got. There is no chance for selection and whatever job comes we have to accept for that. Of course, if there is a choice I prefer a career that I like. Luckily in my life, I got the career I loved and excelled in the career. I started my career as a Manager after my doctorate and went to the level of CEO of a company that is doing a business of 250 crores. I achieved my goal in my career.
    But we have to do a lot of hard work and we have to live up to the satisfaction of our bosses and we should deliver the goods. Simply having a goal but not doing our work properly will never make us successful. We should have a plan and we should work as per the plan and see that we will be travelling on the right path.

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    In my view, when a person settles down in a company with a good pay packet,he or she should never think about changing the career. Instead they should work hard and get promotions and climb the ladder of higher levels till they retire as changing mind especially related to career is not a good option. As the other members have pointed out, grabbing the job offered to you and focusing on progressing would be the wise thing to do in the competitive world of today.

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    I really doubt that many are not getting either a loved career or a stable career, but just a career to cope with the wants and requirements of life and though under employed we try to brave others and be in th race for survival. Not that we are fit enough to get the loved career, not that we are not stable enough to get a good career, when everything is not happening to our wish and will and trying time always forced us to compromise for not too good job and try to have happiness within it. For some the age was the criteria which has elapsed and they cannot the desired job, and for some the family responsibility at the earlier age itself forced them to accept such jobs which were fetching money wanted for the family. There are many things revolve around us during the life, to which we are alone witness and succumb to its demands.
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    Liking a job and doing a job these are two entirely different things. If a person gets a job in his liking and passion area and earns also good amount then nothing is like that. But it seldom happens so. I have seen some people who are havibg interest in music, theatre, and drama but unfortunately they land up in a job of administration in a small office where they monitor the attendance of the employees and undertake other administrative jobs related to them. They have no interest in that but for making a livelihood they are forced to continue in that job.
    Many times it is not in our hands to choose the area where our interests lie and then we have to compromise with the situations to a large extent and join a job even of our disliking.I have come across a large section of people who always complain that they don't have a job of their liking but they are continuing because they have to run their families.

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