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    Perception of the youth who belong to this millennium is not easy at all.

    The men and women of Generation Z are a totally different group of people who dress,eat, behave and socialize. Therefore,they are dissimilar to the older generation due to which conflicts arise between these two groups sometimes. Some old people feel they are unconnected with the topic they discuss with someone in front of them.However, as the millennial men or women have quite a good knowledge in the latest happenings of the world be it politics,fashion,technology,cuisine and have tombs of information at their finger tips,elders need to learn from them the things which are very much needed to be followed in future. Please discuss your opinion.
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    Gone are the days. Elder people advising the younger generation and younger generation following them are not there these days. Elder people should follow the instructions of the younger generation. The younger generation may have a lot of information from Google and other search engines. But the elder generation is having experience. Experience is always better than bookish knowledge. But that is not recognised by many.
    Now, I feel there is no point in telling the people who think that they have all the knowledge. So I leave them like that so that they will learn by their experience,
    Another point is some elders will be after these young people and go on pressurising them to follow their instructions. That will make the young people annoyed and try to avoid the elders. So there are issues from both sides.

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    Surely we the older generation are not able to understand the perceptions of the new youth and when ever questioned their main answer would be that they are posted of the information and doing things as envisaged by them. Good that new generation very much updated with latest knowledge, dress well, eat the best food and tasty too, and socialize with everyone keeping aside caste, creed and religion. They are not that much active in politics and thus taken for a ride by the local leaders asking them to lead the crowd and promising something which they would not get. The youth are die hard fans of latest fashions and wont mind spending huge money over it. But what is the use of all these things, when they fail to respect the elders and elders feelings and thus the youth perception need to change.
    K Mohan
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