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    How is his beloved Padmini?

    Our friend SuN has left for his heavenly abode on 20th December 2021. But we got this painful news only on 1st March 2022. When I read the Forum post about his permanent departure, my mind went blank. But, after some time, very astonishingly, I started thinking about his beloved Padmini!

    She is also aged. Most probably, she is nearing fifty. Please refer : this thread

    I am worried about SuN's Padmini. Is she feeling neglected? Who is taking care of her after SuN? Is she grief-stricken? How is she coping with the permanent absence of SuN?

    Who can answer these questions?

    I hope SuN's lovely Padmini survives many more years with the sweet memory of SuN.

    (This is my response to the painful thread: RIP SuN)
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    Hi, Partha after a long time you post a thread. I am deeply saddened by Sun's demise as everybody wishes and my wish he will reach a heavenly place... there he used to ask tricky puzzles and crack jokes to God for laugh...
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    The sad demise of Mr.Sun we came to know only through Vandana mam on 1st March, 2022. We don't know about other details. Hope and we wish you to continue your active journey with ISC from today onwards after a very long gap. We are missing you a lot in the forum.

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    Mr. Partha, I am very happy to see you in the forum. I always feel your absence. Regarding your query about the Padmini of late SuN, I hope his son will take good care of it.
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    Hi Partha,
    Even though we are playing on virtual field - ISC website - we are real human beings. Definitely we have the human emotions inside us however we may try to hide and put up a different 'avatar' for the virtual world.

    Even if it is a temporary absence we always feel the miss especially in the case of regularly active members. In life we have to be always aware that we do not know the value of eyes only after the sight is gone. Let each such incidents teach us to make our life meaningful with love and normal behaviour with compassion.

    We also missed Partha. Now that you have surfaced with this post we are happy. I had also sent a couple of personal messages to you, but they were not responded.
    I hope you will be a regular active member again in ISC Forum.

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    Welcome back Partha after a long gap and this post once again proves that though we are sometimes away from the site for personal reasons and pressing problems, we do keep the threads reading and understands what is happening over here. It was sad moment for ISC for having lost the most vocal member and we know his passion for maintaining the old Padmini which he took care to maintain it and felt pride that it was giving good service and never created problems on the road. Surely his family members would be cherishing every moment of the life with Padmini and they would not discard the car for any reason. By the way we also missed your presence in this site, and it is good that oldies should come back and resume their deliberations and that would pave way for good and understandable write ups over here.
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    Hi, Partha, you have rekindled the memories of Sun as well as his beloved Padmini about which he had talked many times here. Sun is no more there but I hope someone in the family would be taking care of Padmini.
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    Welcome back.

    Yes, indeed it was painful to get the news. As you indicated, it is a little difficult to focus on anything, both online and offline, without the thoughts straying to Sun. We are scheduling a snap writing contest soon in his memory (it was the last one he had organized before he notified us about his ill health) and hope everyone participates as a fond tribute to him.

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    Hi Partha,
    How are you? Very happy to see a post from you here.
    In my post in the thread in which the information about SUN's demise was given, I have mentioned his Fiat car that is premier Padmini only. Many times SUN used to mention his Padmini in his posts. He is having a special liking for the vehicle.
    Padmini might be feeling the absence of SUN. His family members may be taking care of it, I hope.
    All the members of ISC are feeling the absence of SUN.

    always confident

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    Welcome back. Hope you would continue here with your interesting threads and lively discussions on varied topics. Let us presume that Padmini would be taken care by his other family members. Interestingly, the old car Premier 'Padmini' seems to be continuing his legacy in the ISC Forum here!

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    My gratitude to all Members who have welcomed me in this post.

    Let us all participate in the contest being organized in memory of SuN.

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    Welcome back, Partha!

    Like us, Padmini is also sad you know. When a long attachment to anything breaks many changes do take place, visible as well as invisible. After some time, the invisible changes may become prominent. Maybe Padmini is also shedding tears in a different way. I think Padmini will be taken care of by the family members of SuN and will remain there by their side.


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