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    How do positive perceptions change our life?

    Perception is a result it depends on self traits and judgments. It helps us to achieve any dream but if we have negative perceptions then it can damage our life

    When people live with a more positive perception and engage in positive works, they will be more successful than negative feelings. We get a positive perception Emotionally, Interpersonally and Behaviorally.

    Sometimes when we do wrong things, after doing that work, we realize our mistake and repent. Taking Perception through this experience with a positive thought, we can change our life.

    This is an entry to the TOW contest
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    Good post from the author connecting to tow topic and it is the fact that how we take the things into our strides depends on the understanding of the issues and matters, and there cannot be others involvement over our thinking process and thus positive thinking always paid for good assured life in future. Positive perceptions are our own intelligence happening and we cannot be bowed down through the emotional interference of others. The perceptions do change from person to person according to their understanding of the issue or matter and this behavior alone decides how we gauge the perceptions to our interest and how we discard the same perceptions which are most liked by others. One thing is sure, we are all part of emotional surcharge in life and we have to give cushion for others thought process in some matters.
    K Mohan
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    When we have to undertake a job, we have to have a perception of the work and the way forward and the end result. If we proceed in this way, most probably we will end up with this result within this time and this will be the requirement etc will be thought of. But sometimes we may be wrong in our understanding and the subject. In such a case we will be taking the suggestions or opinions of others and we will try to improve our perception.
    When we look at an issue we should see both the positives and negatives of the issue and we should analyse the ways to minimise the negatives and how to improve the positives. We should have a perfect understanding of good and bad and we have to always undertake good works only.
    We should be able to identify between the good and the bad using our experience and perception about the subject. If our perception says that what we are aiming to do is not a positive trait we should not go for it.

    always confident

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