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    Why do some doctors and engineers go abroad for work?

    The Indian government spend plenty of money on doctors and engineers while they study in professional colleges. However, after passing out, instead of working in Indian hospitals or firms, these professionals go abroad and settle down earning in foreign currency which results in brain drain and loss of experts who can help our country in various ways. Why don't they serve their own motherland? Please discuss.

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    Yes, in India there is a craze for Doctor and Engineering courses in students as well as parents. Many of these students with lot of difficulties were able complete their courses either in India or in foreign countries. Indian government spending lot of money for providing facilities for their studies in India. So definitely the services of these people for the development and growth of India has much expected. As they can earn more in foreign countries, students are going out and we are unable to utilize their services in India. So Indian government must focus on proper utilization of these brilliant chaps in India and must create a congenial atmosphere for their staying over here for get their services for the country. Every where in other countries Indian doctors and engineers only dominating in providing their excellent service. So the central government should implement a perfect policy in this respect to avoid this brain drain.

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    We have seen how much pressure is exerted to the wards for their persuasion for Medical and Engineering course. In other fields, the guardians think that there is no bright prospects. The aspirants are trying their best to perform the best while studying in India or abroad. There are a lot of aspirants having taken their admission in the foreign countries and once they pass out from foreign universities, they look out the jobs in their related areas for their wide prospects.
    Even from our best institutions such as IIT, NIT and other premier government engineering colleges offering engineering degrees to the bright students would be heading to foreign countries for the prospective job assignments and so is the case with the medical students they, too, would make their plans for going abroad after passing out from AIIMS, Vellore or from St. John's. It is nothing but the sheer wastage of our own resources to nurture these students. Once they leave India, there is no chance of their returning back.

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    The main reason for this brain drain is lack of recognition of merit and lack of encouragement to merit. In India to give a job or a fellowship to a student. merit alone is not the consideration. There are many other considerations. I am not going to say that the system in India is wrong. A person who scores less in the examination or a person who gets a higher rank in an entrance test will be given a job ignoring the person who did well, considering other issues. This is making the merit students depressed and they are trying to go abroad to get a job there.
    After my PhD, I attended an interview for the post of Assist Professor in a private engineering college. There was one vacancy but two candidates attended the interview. The other candidate is only a PG but does not have a PhD degree. He was offered the post. They called me separately and told me that they will give me a junior post with a less salary. I asked them why. They said that I did well in the interview also. But the other candidate is close to the management of the college.Then I refused join.
    Such issues will make people desperate and try to see alternatives,.

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    It is very unfortunate that doctors and engineers are in great demand in foreign countries and since these are the most high end professions, the takers are less, the income and pride is more and they would not come back. I have seen many Indians from Hyderabad who just qualified as MBBS and went to US, studied the allied studies and worked under the great doctors there, by virtue of experience they became the most sought after doctors as Indians have the niche to grab the opportunities and tend to create importance for themselves and the money flows like the water and within years, they even own house in foreign country, a house was made for their parents and others and they have good luxury life to live but would not return to India. What is the use of their earning when motherland contributions is nothing.
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    Since quite long there is a craze for going out and working abroad and earn a good money. Earlier, I remember many post graduates in Science were leaving the country and going abroad and were able to get some good job after doing some professional course there itself. That scope later on decreased significantly but for the doctors, engineers, and IT professionals the scope remained good and is even good today. So many people who want to earn more money will definitely desire to go out especially to countries like Canada, US, Australia, and some European countries where there is a very good salary package given to these professional people. Everyone doesn't have that type of attitude and many of these professionals are happy working in India that is in their own country. There is a huge difference in earnings between abroad and here and that is one factor which encouraging many of these professionals to leave India and settle abroad.
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    I will tell an example that cricketer Waqar Younis's wife failed intermediate in Pakistan and now she is a reputed doctor in the United Kingdom. I think these Indian or Pak or Bangladesh doctors will work well for the Indian or Pak or Ban community who settled overseas because they can understand and feel a lot better when they communicated with these Ind or Pak or Ban doctors and all we know is Indians or Pak or Ban will play well second fiddle to the overseas doctor and they are considerably cheap of the overseas doctors that is why they are recruited in Overseas hospitals especially U.S.A, U.K, AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND and many developed countries. Even Engineers are also the same...
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    The reason is mentioned by Dr Rao in his response @#753276. In entrance examinations also it will be found in some cases that quota is given preference than merit. Obviously, this impacts meritorious students and they look for recognition abroad instead of India. Along with this, infrastructure is also an issue. One can conduct research abroad in multiple fields whereas the scope is limited in our country. When a fresher joins an organization the organization spends a lot of effort and money to train the fresher with the hope that it will be helpful for the organization. Some companies offer jobs to the candidates after they sign a bond of serving the organization for a certain period. This doesn't necessarily mean that the freshers will stay in the company from where they got the training and they can go anywhere after the said period of contract. If they break the contract they need to pay a penalty. It all depends on the opportunity and willingness of the individual and nobody can apply force.

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