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    Do you demand tasty food at home or accept whatever served to eat ?

    Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner at home, the expectation of food should be of good taste, variety than yesterday, better than previous one and above all the food must be acceptable to all and no complaints whatsoever. In a house of four members, the household has to take care of all the four taste buds, and cannot be selective on one or few and whatever food was prepared should be acceptable to all. Before starting cooking do you have the wish of placing your demand and even helping out to prepare that dish or would accept whatever served ?
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    The author is right that we would like such foods which will suit our taste buds irrespective of its sweetness or otherwise. It must not be repetitive in nature in the sense that the prepared foods are identical in tastes and are of same varieties on regular basis. A slight change in the spices in the vegetables, changing the varieties of pulses, taking brown rice sometimes or including soups in our main meal would go a long way in getting the enhanced tastes. Such changes are required as and when we wish. However, we should also some hygienic rules of consuming foods. The fundamental rule is to take foods only when we feel extremely hungry and in that situation, all prepared items would be acceptable to us.

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    Usually in a family, different individuals have different interesting items. Some items may be liked by all and some items may be liked by a few only in the family. So it is a hectic task for the cook of the house to satisfy all. It is always good for the family members to adjust or accept what items were made on daily basis. On special occasions like festivals we can enjoy special items of our liking. As stored pickles or ground powders are there in house, if some item not suit them, they adjust with pickles or powder. Sambar or fry or papd like items are mostly enjoyed by all the members of the family equally.

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    The person who is responsible for cooking cooks with utmost care so that the dishes are liked by the family members. Therefore, I feel the family members should enjoy and eat whatever is served to them rather than showing their dislike in consuming some items. It is always not possible to be consistent in cooking some items and even experienced cooks do make mistakes.Homemade food is always good for health and safe because it does not contain any preservatives or chemicals. They are cooked in a clean manner and the water which is used is also very fresh.

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    I never have any preferences. My wife will ask my sons and as per their selection, the menu for the day will be decided. My wife is a good homemaker. She knows how to maintain the house neatly and how to cook the food so that all the members in the house will enjoy it. So I never demand her. She serves whatever is made as per the selection made by my two sons. Luckily, the tastes of my two sons match and hence there is no problem.
    We all use less Mirchi and less Masala. We all prefer soft food. My wife will make them accordingly. Sometimes, we get from outside also. But I always like homemade food only.

    always confident

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    This is an interesting post. The food preparation and its consumption in a house is a complex matter. There are many factors which can be attributable to preparation of the delicious food items as well their acceptance and liking by the family members. The housewife and other people who are responsible for preparing tasty food have a limitation as per their knowledge and skills and if the food prepared is not liked by some of the family members then there is no solution for that. In such a situation some persons give order to outside agencies for a dish and somehow satisfy their taste buds.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Normally a good eater expect good food from house. My wife was very happy in cooking when a good eater comes to our house. One time a relative family from Orissa came to our house. My wife felt so happy and daily she offered different types of food and tiffin to them as per the taste of Tamil Nadu. Everybody fully enjoyed the cooking. Only a good eater can ask the home persons different items and only in home we can expect this. Not only myself but all of our house members like the small bitter guard fry as poriyal, though it was not consumed in her parents house, my wife prepared so super for us.
    But nowadays the cooking is somewhat going down in almost all houses. Many people trapped to get items from hotels through online. Many ladies totally forget cooking.
    A friend of my relative got alliance for his son and everything went on well. Before betrothal the father of bride came to the bride groom's house for casual talking. Since the father of bride groom was a good eater, casually asked what was the bride girl's special in cooking. Immediately the father of bride got angry and by standing up from the seat asked the bride groom's father to stop everything as his daughter was not coming for cooking in their house.

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